Patient testimonials

CREATE Fertility’s vision is to promote an approach to fertility treatment which offers the best chance of success and reduces the emotional, physical and financial burden associated with IVF. We are the only clinic in the UK which specialises in drug-free (Natural Cycle IVF and IVM) and low drug approaches (Mild IVF) and it gives us immense satisfaction to have helped thousands of women and families in their fertility journey.

We are very proud of giving a chance to women in all circumstances and that we do not select patients based on criteria such as ovarian reserve. We are experts at dealing with complex and difficult fertility problems and we have helped many women who have been turned away from other IVF clinics.

Here is a selection of fertility treatment testimonials and case studies from our patients.

'This gentle and natural approach worked brilliantly for us.'

We have been very pleased with CREATE Fertility in Bristol and in St. Paul’s in London. We now have a beautiful and healthy one year old girl, thanks to the gentle approach advocated by CREATE Fertility.

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'CREATE gave us hope!'

Having the high stimulation experience to compare against really makes me realise that CREATE is simply the best clinic.

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'CREATE Fertility were definitely an eye opener.'

Both my husband and I felt that we had learned more in the 2 hours we were at CREATE, than in the 2 years that we’ve been having treatment elsewhere. We decided straight away that CREATE is the clinic for us.

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Smiling girl looking back

'My whole journey was just so perfect.'

I cannot recommend CREATE Fertility enough, they made everyday an experience I will never forget. My whole journey was just so perfect. It worries me to think where or how i would be if I had gone to one of the more commercialised IVF clinics. 

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Pregnant woman wearing cosy jumper

'Simply magnificent'

We got our first ever BFP in 6 years with our very first IVF cycle with Create! We will forever be grateful to the amazing team at Create Wilmslow for this result! Only wish we had transferred to them sooner!
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Same-sex couple with baby

'The way I was treated by the doctors and nurses at CREATE was just incredible'

I think if we’d continued at a clinic which offers high stimulation protocols, it wouldn’t have worked for us. It would not have been as relaxed and as easy as it was at CREATE. They were just incredible and we couldn’t ask for anything more.
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Mum kissing baby

'Thank you all again for your time and commitment to changing lives'

I can never thank you enough for all you did for my husband and me - helping us to have our second beautiful baby girl. The team at CREATE were so supportive and very professional throughout my treatment cycles.
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Baby looking out of pram

'We were told that IVF wasn’t going to work for us; I now have an amazing little girl'

After hearing more about how natural and modified IVF can be more beneficial to older women we decided to give it a go....In February 2016 we finally got to meet our ‘one’ little ‘last chance’ egg that developed into this amazing little girl that we now have and adore – Pippa.
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Happy baby with parents

'We will definitely be coming back to CREATE!'

In January 2014, I started on Mild IVF treatment which worked within my cycle and involved 8-11 days of stimulating drugs. Our beautiful daughter Lila was born in October. My road through IVF was the most emotional experience of my life, but ultimately the most rewarding. We would love another child, and will definitely be coming back to CREATE!
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Couple with baby scan

'Thank you for designing an excellent protocol for us'

IVF is a horrible process but your team and the protocol you designed really worked for me. I had 10 mature eggs after 9 days of Mild Stimulation IVF with 5 good embryos by day 5. My previous best cycle (of high stimulation IVF) had about 18 mature eggs but that only led to about the same number of day 5 embryos, and that involved a freeze-all protocol to deal with the OHSS risk. I think you can see this as a real success for your mild strategy, and your focus on quality not quantity.
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Baby overlooking mum's shoulder

'I was very pleased with the treatment I received at CREATE'

A combination of three things attracted me to CREATE. The first one was their more natural and less invasive approach to IVF with reduced amount of drugs. Number two was the quality of their internationally renowned consultants, and number three was their treatment cost. Whilst success rates was also a factor of choice, it was not as important a criteria to me as I first anticipated when I found out the reported figures were often reflective of the clinics’ unwillingness to accept patients with very low chance of success and therefore could not be compared on a like-for-like basis.       
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Baby and mum sitting

'My overall experience with CREATE was excellent'

For me, I needed to have a bond with all those involved in my treatment and I experienced that with CREATE; I understood in advance each stage of my treatment and I was aware of all my options. I love my life as a mum.
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Twin boys

'It’s such a gift we’ve been given. It’s amazing what CREATE does'

It was definitely the emphasis on Natural and Mild IVF that attracted me immediately to CREATE. It’s not just a scientific procedure, it’s completely life changing for so many people and our lives have, of course, changed in every possible way. There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not unbelievably thankful.
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Same-sex couple family

'We’ve had four girls in just over four years'

When we moved to CREATE from the previous clinic we visited, things seemed different and I felt that we had better treatment. I had a lot more confidence in CREATE, they felt a lot more professional and the doctors were fantastic.
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Same-sex couple

'For us, the best parts of our treatment with CREATE were the genuine care that the staff have for you'

Also our treatment was very smooth and it was all very well explained; we were never unsure of the next step. We were very well informed and no question was a silly question. Our advice to other same sex couples would be to enjoy your journey; whether your journey goes well or you encounter problems. Try and embrace the roller coaster, it is hard but in the end, it’s your journey.
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Same-sex couple at home

'Being able to start our own family has taken our relationship to the new level and has opened up a new chapter in our lives'

Everyone at CREATE was very warm and supportive every step of the way. They made our whole experience really lovely. We are on a wonderful journey and if you’re in a same sex relationship and considering starting a family, there are so many options that will allow you to do that. We are now planning to give our daughter a blood sibling using the same sperm donor.
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Mum and toddler on park bench

'I was looked at as a whole person and the suggested treatment tailored to me and my body'

When I came in for my first consultation the difference from the last clinic was incredible. During the scan and consultation I had total belief in the doctor, which was particularly important, having been let down and misinformed at my previous clinic.
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Mother kissing baby

'CREATE have enabled me to achieve success despite the probability being so low due to my ovarian reserve'

A three cycle package is very affordable in comparison to my previous experiences and I froze the embryo from each cycle. Then the exciting time came when two of my embryos were implanted and I had great confidence knowing we went for an approach that advocates quality not quantity.
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Parents with baby in garden

'I liked CREATE’s approach from the very start'

When I came in to CREATE for my first consultation and scan with the doctor, I could tell straight away he knew what he was talking about. He had done research into my cancer prior to seeing me and created a protocol for Natural Modified IVF with minimal drugs so that the treatment affected my hormones as little as possible. I honestly do not think any other clinic would have paid that level of attention to my specific needs. I was filled with feelings of security and hope. I knew I was in good hands.
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Child holding father's hand

'I was welcomed with open arms by CREATE'

The kindness that everybody showed us, the warmth, it was really amazing. Our son is now 2 years old and is a complete little rascal, really good fun and just laughs all the time.
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Single woman smiling

'I would definitely recommend CREATE if you are considering freezing your eggs'

I personally feel that CREATE has the right balance for me in terms of their natural approach and their affordability. For me, it was a really good experience; everyone at CREATE was really accommodating and friendly.
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Single woman against blue wall

'The protocol I was given was straight forward and came with a good step by step guide.'

If you are considering egg freezing or are already in the process, I would encourage you to keep calm and know it is okay to be emotional. It isn’t an easy process and it is okay to take some time out, once it’s done, to recover. I would definitely recommend CREATE.
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Baby resting

'Successful treatment after OHSS at another clinic'

Our experience with CREATE was of a much calmer process, and I was able to fit the treatment in around my work. I was incredibly relieved to deliver my healthy baby boy in October. He has made everything worthwhile and I’m so glad I didn’t give up.
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Same-sex couple with baby

'2nd baby thanks to CREATE'

CREATE provides a much needed alternative to the full IVF process which we did not want to go through. We embarked on modified IVF treatment with Create to help us have a second baby, and we now have a beautiful daughter - a much loved sister to our eldest daughter.
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Couple with smiling baby

'We cannot thank you enough and would 100% recommend the team'

The team was amazing but we have to thank the Consultant who took our daughter and son-in-law on a new journey, the attitude and philosophy of CREATE is a gentle approach to IVF, no bombarding with hormones that are not required. The ethos being quality not quantity.
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Baby girl sitting outside

'Don't give up hope'

I was 41 with high FSH and low AMH (hardly detectable) when I first came to CREATE. It was a miracle! That miracle is called Sienna who is currently 13 weeks. All the staff were fantastic. But my message is don’t give up hope!
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Baby in dad's arms

'I was told I couldn’t conceive – I am now a mother thanks to CREATE'

We have no doubt that the positive approach and the constant support and encouragement we received from CREATE Fertility during our treatment were key in making our dream come true and for that we will be forever in their debt. From the very first moment we walked into the clinic we just knew we made the right decision.
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Woman sitting in field

'All the staff at CREATE strike the tricky balance of being professional, yet approachable and relaxed'

I’m not phased by doing IVF CREATE’s way, the more natural way again – knowing many friends who haven’t shared such positive experiences with their clinic, there’s no greater recommendation than that!
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Mum and baby outside

'A baby with CREATE after 10 unsuccessful cycles elsewhere'

CREATE made us realise that as I had low ovarian reserve, the quality of the eggs was likely to compromised by heavy ovarian stimulation and hence reduce chances of success. We were lucky to have a positive pregnancy and a beautiful baby daughter born in December 2012. We would recommend the natural approach to anyone in a similar situation.
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Baby crawling

'You were the only clinic I had come across where the woman’s health and well-being were at the absolute forefront of all that you did'

I think the result speaks for itself – a pregnancy on my first attempt at IVF/ICSI on a modified natural cycle!
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'It was the most amazing feeling.'

If you’ve just read this story the chances are you are reading it because you or someone close to you is having fertility problems.
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Smiling brunette woman

'The staff at CREATE were quite simply fantastic- professional, empathetic and positive.'

CREATE’s vigilance also allayed any worries I had about ovarian hyperstimulation. As CREATE rightly state, all that is needed is one viable sperm and a healthy egg. The wonderful ethos of this clinic is woman centred prioritising Gynaecological health not statistics.
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Parents holding happy baby

'From the moment I walked in to the clinic, I felt relaxed and that every single person seemed to know me.'

Procedures such as medication ordering etc was also done with absolute professionalism, speed, efficiency and convenience.
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Couple with baby boy

'I found CREATE to be fantastic, I loved how small and personal it was, and the ‘natural’ IVF approach clearly worked in our situation.'

I wanted to share our story to give hope to anyone out there who is wondering if it can happen – we were lucky enough to find that it can! Our situation seemed pretty hopeless at one point – hardly any sperm, hardly any eggs, but it still worked in the end.
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Couple with baby lying down

'I thought that at my ripe old age of 46 it would be impossible to have another child and completely impossible to have one with my own eggs.'

The phone call came and it was great news all 10 had fertilised and now we just had to wait a little longer for the eggs to reach blastocyst stage as it was felt that this would give us the best chance of conceiving. A further nail biting wait and the news was...
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Baby's feet in hand

"I cannot thank Prof Nargund enough for giving me the chance of having a baby with my own eggs.''

I’m not phased by doing IVF Create’s way, the more natural way again – knowing many friends who haven’t shared such positive experiences with their clinic, there’s no greater recommendation than that!
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Couple in field

"It was clear that treatment at CREATE was very personalised and that each patient was treated as an individual rather than a number.''

Having gone through 2 unsuccessful cycles I wasn’t expecting the treatment to work, and was amazed and delighted to have a positive pregnancy result a few weeks later.
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Couple with smiling baby

"As soon as we arrived we were all greeted with kindness and compassion and felt that at last someone was listening to all of our daughter and son-in-laws problems.''

Our daughter had egg collections over a few months and although she had a failed first attempt at CREATE and was devastated, the Consultant was truly amazing. His gentle, wonderful, caring approach was exactly the care that was needed. Amazingly the second attempt worked and our daughter and son-in-law are the proud parents of a beautiful 7 1/2lb healthy baby boy.
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Couple in sunny field

"It’s such a gift we’ve been given. It’s amazing what CREATE does, you change the lives of people forever. It’s not just a scientific procedure,''

There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not unbelievably thankful. We’re so lucky that we have our twins and they’re healthy and happy. We would not be in this situation without CREATE.
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"For us, the best parts of our treatment with CREATE were the genuine care that the staff have for you and the fact that you’re treated as an individual.''

We never felt like we were just part of a system and we always felt that we were given enough time. If we had questions to ask, the staff were always willing to listen.
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