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What is IVF with donor eggs

Egg donation is a form of fertility treatment used by women who are unable, for whatever reason, to use their own eggs to have a child. In egg donation, we use eggs that have been donated by an egg donor. The woman donating her eggs is known as the donor and the woman who receives the fertilized eggs (embryos) is known as the recipient.

CREATE Fertility offers access to high-quality donor eggs and a variety of donors. For ethnically diverse egg recipients, and those who cannot find a suitable donor at CREATE, we partner with an international clinic. Through a combination of our UK and International programmes, we have access to egg donors with all characteristics and can offer you treatment with egg donation.

Who is it for?

Situations where you might consider using a donor egg are:

  • Women who do not produce their own eggs, for reasons such as age or premature menopause
  • Women who have a low chance of success using their own eggs
  • Women who are facing known fertility challenges
  • Women whose own eggs carry a risk of a genetic disorder
  • Where the function of the woman's ovaries has been impaired, for example in cases of cancer treatment

What are the advantages of using donor eggs?


The success rates for egg donation tend to be very good. We use only young, healthy women as donors, who are likely to have very high-quality eggs.


Our treatment protocols are designed to minimise the use of drugs and reduce the risk of side effects for both you and your donor.

Health screening
Health screening
Health screening
Health screening

All egg donors complete a genetic and medical questionnaire.

Excess embryos can be frozen for future use
Excess embryos can be frozen for future use
Excess embryos can be frozen for future use
Excess embryos can be frozen for future use

Any embryos of suitable quality that are not used in treatment can be frozen and stored for future use.


What is the treatment process?

Your journey will start with a Virtual Consultation & Scan where the doctor will perform an internal scan to assess your womb and the womb lining. You will then have a consultation where the doctor will go through your medical history and devise a personalised treatment plan. The next step will be to come in for a treatment consultation with a nurse. At this point the nurse will discuss your treatment plan with you and help to match you with a donor. Please discuss the cost before you proceed with treatment.

Known donor:

For treatment with a known donor, you and your donor will take medication for a number of weeks and both of you will also come in to the clinic for monitoring scans. The eggs will then be collected from the donor’s ovaries under sedation and mixed with your partners sperm or donor sperm in the laboratory. A few days later the fertilised eggs will be transferred into your womb.

UK donor:

In the nurses consultation you will go through the list of available donors and the nurse will help to match you with a donor. You will then take medication to thicken the lining of the uterus and prepare it for implantation. Doctors will assess the thickness of the lining with scans every few days. Once you are ready for the embryos to be implanted, the donor eggs will be fertilised with your partner’s sperm or donor sperm in the laboratory and transferred into your womb.

International donor:

After consulting with the doctor you will meet with a nurse and complete donor matching forms in order to find a suitable donor. You will then take some medication to prepare your womb for implantation and come into the clinic for scans to assess the womb lining. Once the womb has been prepared for the embryo transfer you will travel to the egg bank where the donor eggs are held. Here the male partner will provide a semen sample. This will be used to fertilise the eggs which will then be transferred into your womb.

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IVF with Donor Eggs costs

Our treatment package includes:

  • Treatment consultation
  • Monitoring scans for recipient and donor
  • Egg collection for the donor
  • Embryology
  • Fresh embryo transfer
  • Early pregnancy scan

1 Cycle

£5,600 - £5,950*

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*Important information
  • The cost of IVF using donor eggs will depend on your individual circumstances and your personalised treatment plan will be explained to you in more detail at your Virtual Consultation.
  • Cycle price: The cycle price can vary between clinics, to find your nearest clinic pricing click here.
  • Cycle package: Our cycle package includes monitoring scans for recipient and donor, clinical advice, treatment plan consultation, egg collection for the donor, embryology, blastocyst culture (if appropriate), fresh embryo transfer, pregnancy test, early pregnancy scan and follow up consultation.
  • Required additions: There are also a number of additional costs that need to be added to your treatment. These are for medication, blood tests, sedation and HFEA fees that are not included in the cycle price. Exact costs will be discussed at consultation based on patients’ individual needs. The ‘estimated’ total cost of additional items for IVF treatment with donor eggs up to and including 6 week pregnancy scan is £5,461 - £5,481, bringing the ‘estimated’ total treatment cost to £11,061 - £11,431. 
  • Pre-treatment costs: In some circumstances patients may require further exploration and fertility tests such as Hysteroscopy (£2,100), HyCosy (£495), Thyroid blood tests (£55) or other Genetic Tests such as Karyotype (£295), Y Deletions (£195) or Cystic Fibrosis (£295). These will be an additional cost, exact costs will be discussed at consultation based on patients’ individual needs. Please download our price guide for more information.

  • Potential future costs: If you have additional embryos after your embryo transfer procedure, you will be given the option to freeze them to be used at a later date. This will be an additional cost of £1,140 which includes 2 years of storage. There is an annual storage fee after package storage has finished to keep frozen embryos stored (£395). To use frozen embryos you will need a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) procedure (£2,395 - £2,495) which includes embryo thawing. The estimated total cost for an FET cycle including medication up to 12 weeks is £2,921 - £3,121. Once your treatment cycle is concluded if you require further medication scans or services as discussed with you clinician, these services are chargeable. Full details will be given to allow you to make an informed decision.
  • Elective freeze cycle - ‘Freeze All’: In specific cases there may be a medical need to freeze embryos called a ‘freeze all’, bringing an end to the cycle at egg collection. In these circumstances you may require, embryo freezing and cryostorage (£1,140) and a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) procedure. In this case, the FET cycle is discounted by £400 to (£1,995 - £2,095 ). The estimated total cost of a discounted FET cycle, including medication up to 12 weeks is £2,521 - £2,612.
  • Abandoned cycles: In the event that a Treatment cycle is abandoned prior to egg collection/embryo transfer for medical reasons, a Cancellation Fee will be incurred of £250 per monitor scan that has been completed. Medication used will need to be repurchased in order to allow you to commence a new cycle when appropriate.
  • Male factor: If you have a fertility issue due to a male factor, you may require additional support and treatments such as ICSI. The cost for this is £1,375. Read more about male factor infertility.
  • Terms and conditions apply: View terms and conditions.

Your funding options

Cost is one of the biggest implications of private fertility treatment, we aim to make our treatments accessible for all so that's why we offer different funding options to help growing your family less stressful. To discuss funding options with one of our advisors contact us.

Payment plans

  • 0% interest available over 12 months
  • Spread the cost of treatment with our affordable payment plans
  • 12 and 24 month plans available

3 cycle

  • 3 and 6 cycle packages
  • Better value for patients who require more than one cycle
  • Can offer better success rates in some patient circumstances
  • Funding available for patients eligible for treatment on the NHS
  • Ask your doctor for a referral if you fit the NHS criteria
  • Enjoy the benefits of our state-of-the-art private clinics