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Your first step to starting treatment

The first step in your journey is to have a virtual consultation, you'll have 45 minutes with one of our highly experienced IVF consultants and then up to 30 minutes with your dedicated patient coordinator, which you can do via video or phone, from your own home.

Also included in the price is your Advanced 3D Doppler Ultrasound Scan which checks over 30 areas of your fertility, this will be booked after your consultation by your patient coordinator into your nearest clinic.

The benefits of a virtual consultation

  • Discuss your fertility with a highly experienced IVF consultant who will put together your tailored treatment plan
  • Book with any of our consultants and have treatment at your chosen local clinic
  • You'll have regular communication with your Patient Coordinator who can answer any of your queries throughout your journey
  • You're patient coordinator will arrange your Advanced 3D Doppler Ultrasound Scan which gives you comprehensive information about your fertility 
  • Have the time to think and consider all of your options so that you are ready to make an informed decision
  • You'll still have all the benefits of a face to face Initial Consultation whilst saving up to £100

What to expect from your virtual consultation

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  • Book your virtual consultation

    You can book your video or phone consultation online or by calling 0333 240 7300. Whilst booking, you will be able to pick your preferred method of consultation.

    When booking, you need to select option you want:

    - Zoom video consultation


    - Phone consultation

  • Booking confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your booking including a link to your Virtual Consultation if you have chosen Video or phone number is you have chosen to call.

    Please make sure you save this link ready for your consultation.

  • Your Patient Coordinator will contact you

    A few days before your Virtual Consultation, you will receive a call from your Patient Coordinator to remind you of your scheduled booking time and check you still have your Virtual Consultation link. You can also ask them any questions ahead of your consultation.

  • Virtual Consultation

    At your appointment time, please follow the instructions emailed to you to join your Virtual Consultation with your Consultant. Your Patient Coordinator will also be in the consultation with you.

    During the first 45 minutes of your consultation, the consultant will talk through your medical history, any previous tests, answer your questions and then give you a personalised treatment plan designed to maximise your chance of success. 

  • Talk with your Patient Coordinator

    The second part of your Virtual Consultation will be with your Patient Coordinator, who will outline your personalised treatment plan, costs and next steps. They will also email you a quote for your treatment plan.

    Your Patient Coordinator is here to support you throughout your whole journey, so please let them know if you have any queries or concerns.

  • Book your Advanced Ultrasound Scan

    Your patient coordinator will book your advanced ultrasound scan at your nearest clinic.


Virtual Consultation + Ultrasound Scan - £285 (£100 OFF)

What's included:

  • -A 45 minute video/phone consultation with a highly experienced IVF consultant
  • -Up to 30 minutes review with your patient coordinator
  • -A tailored IVF treatment plan
  • -A detailed breakdown of the treatment costings
  • -Arrange any further tests if necessary
  • -An advanced ultrasound scan once we recommence

Have any questions?


If you wish to find out more about our virtual consultations or book your appointment, please give our friendly team a call.


Frequently asked questions

Should my partner (if applicable) also be on the virtual consultation with me?

Yes. If your partner can join, then this will be helpful. Your clinician will want to discuss with both of you, your fertility and medical histories.

If I have previous scans or test results can I share these with the clinician prior to the consultation?

Yes. If you’ve previously had scans or tests done, then please email these to prior to your consultation. If you are not able to, but have them with you, please make sure you have these ready during your consultation.

What happens if I haven’t had any previous scans or tests?

If you have not had any previous scans or tests, you can still go ahead with virtual consultation. Our fertility specialists are highly experienced and will be able to make a plan for necessary tests and recommend treatment based on a discussion on your fertility history during your consultation. You will also have your Advanced Ultrasound Scan once we recommence with treatment.

If my partner (if applicable) has had a semen analysis previously can we use this result?

Yes, if your partner has had a semen analysis in the last 12 months, we can go through these results during your consultation.

When will I have my advanced ultrasound scan?

After your consultation your patient coordinator will book your Advanced 3D Doppler Ultrasound Scan which gives you comprehensive information about your fertility at your nearest clinic. This is included in your Consultation price.

If my scan has expired during lockdown will I have to pay for another one?

No. In this instance we will accept scans and test results done within the last 6 months. We will repeat your scan if necessary, at no extra cost.

When will I be able to start treatment?

We are delighted to announce, having received notification from the HFEA, that we intend to re-open at some point in the week commencing May 11th. The introduction of our Virtual Consultations and Treatment Consultations, it means that we are able to put everything in place ready for you to begin your treatment without any delay, once we recommence.


Be ready to start your treatment straight away

Once you've had your virtual consultation and you decide you want to proceed with IVF treatment with us, we will book your treatment.

You'll have a virtual treatment consultation with your fertility consultant who will take you through all your consent forms and treatment details.

Your treatment will begin on your next cycle, and you will come into your nearest clinic to have your scans and blood tests. 


Why choose CREATE?

At CREATE Fertility we understand that every woman is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to fertility treatment. This is why we offer bespoke, tailored treatment plans suited specifically to your body.

Focused on long-term health of mother and baby
Focused on long-term health of mother and baby
Focused on long-term health of mother and baby
Focused on long-term health of mother and baby

Our approach to IVF focuses on the health & well-being of mother & baby. We offer lower drug dose treatments to reduce the risks & side effects to achieve healthier outcomes.

Leaders in Natural and Mild IVF
Leaders in Natural and Mild IVF
Leaders in Natural and Mild IVF
Leaders in Natural and Mild IVF

We are pioneers in Natural and Mild IVF. Our senior team works hard to remain at the forefront of the field, developing the latest advances in fertility treatment.

Excellent success rates
Excellent success rates
Excellent success rates
Excellent success rates

At CREATE, we have spearheaded Natural and Mild IVF in the UK and we are very proud of the success rates we have achieved.

Led by medical experts
Led by medical experts
Led by medical experts
Led by medical experts

The strength of CREATE Fertility lies in our expertise and experience. Our fertility specialists are led by Professor Geeta Nargund & Professor Stuart Campbell.


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