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Your first step to starting treatment

The first step in starting any fertility treatment with us is to have an Advanced Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan at your local CREATE clinic. Our scan makes a detailed assessment of your fertility potential and can identify many different types of complex fertility issues.

Following your scan you'll have a Virtual Consultation with one of our highly experienced IVF consultants which you do via Zoom video, from the comfort of your own home. You'll then have time with your dedicated patient coordinator who is there to help support & guide you through the whole process.

The benefits of a virtual consultation

  • Discuss your fertility with a highly experienced IVF consultant who will put together your tailored treatment plan
  • Have an Advanced Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan which gives you comprehensive information about your fertility
  • You'll have regular communication with your Patient Coordinator who can answer any of your queries throughout your journey
  • Have the time to think and consider all of your options so that you are ready to make an informed decision

What to expect from your virtual consultation & scan

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  • Book your Advanced Scan & Consultation

    Book your advanced ultrasound scan & virtual consultation online or by giving our new patient support team a call.

    View available appointmentsCall 0333 240 7300

  • Booking confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your ultrasound scan and also a confirmation email for your virtual consultation including a zoom link if you have chosen video or a phone number is you have chosen to call. Please make sure you save this link ready for your consultation.

  • Advanced ultrasound scan (30 minutes)

    You'll come to your nearest clinic and have your advanced transvaginal ultrasound scan which looks at:

    • Your egg reserve - looking at the antral follicle count.
    • The health of your uterus and ovaries - by examining the blood flow to each.
    • The quality of your eggs - blood flow to the ovaries and follicles gives indirect information about the quality of your eggs.
    • Any polyps, fibroids - or other factors that could be affecting implantation or causing miscarriages
  • Virtual Consultation (30 minutes)

    At your Virtual Consultation time, please follow the instructions emailed to you to join your Virtual Consultation with your Consultant.

    You'll have 30 minutes with the consultant who will talk through your scan results, discuss your medical history, any previous tests, answer your questions and then give you a personalised treatment plan designed to maximise your chance of success. 

  • Follow up from your Patient Coordinator

    After your Virtual Consultation a Patient Coordinator will be in touch to outline your personalised treatment plan and to go through costs and next steps.

    Patient Coordinators are here to support you throughout your whole journey, so please let them know if you have any queries or concerns.


Advantages of our advanced ultrasound scan

Professor Stuart Campbell, our Director of Ultrasound, has pioneered the use of ultrasound to provide a detailed and accurate insight into fertility.

Our advanced transvaginal ultrasound scan makes a detailed assessment of your fertility potential, and you will receive the results during your virtual consultation. These will be explained to you by your clinician who can answer any questions you might have.

Our advanced 3D Doppler ultrasound scan is a useful tool to plan personalised treatments for you. With Doppler, we are able to check the blood flow to your ovaries and uterus, and 3D ultrasound helps to identify any structural problems within your uterus. You can also discuss how to optimise your natural fertility.

Director of Ultrasound, Professor Stuart Campbell
Director of Ultrasound, Professor Stuart Campbell

Book your Scan & Consultation today from only £200*

What's included:

  • An advanced ultrasound scan which checks 30 areas of your fertility
  • A 30 minute video consultation with a highly experienced IVF consultant
  • A tailored IVF treatment plan
  • A detailed breakdown of the treatment costings
  • A dedicated patient coordinator to help support & guide you through the process

Have any questions?


If you have any questions about our ultrasound scan & virtual consultations or wish to book your appointment over the phone, please give our friendly team a call. We're open 8:30am - 6pm weekdays.

*Terms & conditions apply


Frequently asked questions

How long does the scan appointment last?

Your advanced ultrasound scan appointment usually lasts around 30 minutes.

Do I need to have my scan at a certain point in my cycle?

No, you do not need to come at a particular point in your menstrual cycle. You can come in for your appointment when you are on your period as long as you are comfortable.

If I have previous scans or test results can I share these with the clinician prior to the consultation?

Yes. If you’ve previously had scans or tests done, then please email these to prior to your consultation. If you are not able to, but have them with you, please make sure you have these ready during your consultation.

Should my partner (if applicable) also be on the virtual consultation with me?

Yes. If your partner can join, then this will be helpful. Your clinician will want to discuss with both of you, your fertility and medical histories.

Should I bring anything to the scan with me?

If you or your partner (if applicable) have had any previous investigations such as blood tests and semen analyses in the last 12-24 months, please bring these along to your appointment. These tests may provide the team with useful additional information about your circumstances.

How long is my ultrasound scan valid for?

Your Advanced Ultrasound Scan is valid for 3 months, if you decide to start treatment after this you will need to have another scan.

Why do consultation prices vary?

Our scan and consultation appointments use dynamic pricing based on clinic resource. The price of a scan and consultation varies from £200 - £410. Please see on our online booking calendar for current accurate pricing.

Please be aware, if you wish to reschedule the baseline scan, you may incur a charge to cover the difference in cost from your original consultation price (baseline scan and virtual consultation) and that of the new booking. We will make you aware of any cost difference when rescheduling. To view our terms and conditions, click here.

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