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FREE Scan & Consultation if you proceed with treatment when booking this July. Enter SUMMEROFFER24 at checkout*. *More info

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I was 47 at the time and I think the oldest woman to be successfully treated at that CREATE branch

As part of our TTC journey, we found out that my husband has a low sperm count so we decided to go for a cycle of IVF through the NHS, which was successful.

After a few years, we decided to start trying to conceive again and it just wasn’t working. We tried for a few years before deciding to try IVF again. We were only eligible for 1 round of IVF on the NHS so this time around we had to go private.

We looked into a couple of clinics but because of my age, I didn’t find that the first two clinics I went to knew what to do with me. They put me on really high stimulation and also recommended I have other add ons such as the endometrial scratch. Truthfully, it felt like they were throwing everything at me and hoping that something would stick. I still managed to get a lot of eggs collected with both cycles but sadly none of the embryos were taken.

I had read about CREATE before and knew that their approach was different to other clinics but I really didn’t think, at the time, that it would work for me. I was classed as an older woman and I thought I would need more medication to help me conceive not less! But then, after my last failed cycle at the other clinic, I looked into CREATE Fertility Birmingham again and I feel like this time I understood their approach a little bit better. I decided to give it a go. We went in for an Initial Consultation and Scan and I really liked the sound of how it works - not having a huge amount of medication and working with my body in a more natural way.

My cycle at CREATE was a lot different and a lot quicker than my previous experiences. It made me feel a lot better because I was having a lot less drugs and for a shorter period of time so it didn’t feel as intense. It was a much calmer and more natural process.

Unfortunately, this first cycle at CREATE also didn’t end in a pregnancy, however, because the process was so much easier than what I was used to that I felt as though I could go for one more round.

I went back with my next cycle to hopefully try again and the scan showed that there was only one follicle there this time around. The team at CREATE were very realistic with me and explained everything to me thoroughly. I decided to not go ahead that month and wait until my next cycle to see if there would be more follicles but there weren’t.

We were in the exact same position again - just one follicle and they weren’t sure if there was an egg inside there or not. I had my husband with me at the appointment this time and I’m so happy I did because he encouraged me to go for it. He told me ‘If you have a follicle, we have a chance.’ If we walk away it would be a guarantee that we wouldn’t have another baby but if we try, we at least have one chance.

So we agreed to go for one more round and if this round wouldn’t work, that’s it, we would stop there. This would be the 5th round and at my age, I was 46 at the time, I knew was fighting a bit of a losing battle. It is also a costly journey both emotionally and financially so it would be our final try. The team were very realistic about my changes and I really appreciated that; I would rather the truth than them selling me false hope.

We went ahead with this one follicle which did end up having one egg in it. It was a big one too and fortunately, it did fertilise! We had one embryo; one last chance.

When the time came to finally do a pregnancy test, I couldn’t bring myself to look. I had been disappointed so many times now, I was scared so I asked my husband to check.

It was positive! We couldn’t believe it. Even when we went in for the blood test at the clinic the whole team were incredibly happy for us but also astounded. I was 47 at the time and I think the oldest woman to be successfully treated that that CREATE branch.

I feel like we’re living proof that it really does only take one egg and one sperm to make a healthy baby. And also that quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to this.

I would absolutely recommend CREATE to anyone needing treatment; not even just older women, but everyone! I feel like CREATE really tailor their treatments to each individual and Mild IVF really is a much easier and natural approach to fertility treatment