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Comprehensive & quick fertility diagnosis

We therefore take scanning very seriously, and have invested in high quality scanning machines and specialist training for all of our practitioners.

As well as scanning, we offer a range of other diagnostic tests and procedures, including Hysteroscopy, AMH and Thyroid blood tests, HyCosy and various Genetic Tests.

Ultrasound Scan & Virtual Consultation

The first step in your journey is to have an advanced ultrasound scan and virtual consultation with one of our expert clinicians via video/phone.

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Male fertility test

Semen analysis

A semen analysis looks in detail at the sperm count, motility and shape of your sperm and is carried out by our team of highly qualified embryologists.

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Ultrasound Scan + Virtual Consultation
From £200 & Save Up To £210

Our Advanced 3D Doppler Ultrasound Scan checks over 30 areas of your fertility
Discuss your fertility health with a highly experienced fertility consultant and get a tailored IVF treatment plan.
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AMH Test

Anti-mullerian hormone or ‘AMH’ is a hormone released by developing follicles in the ovaries. An AMH blood test reveals the levels of AMH in the blood is a good indication of ovarian reserve.

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This is a process whereby a small camera is passed inside the uterus and used to check for conditions that affect the uterus such as polyps, fibroids and scarring of the uterus.

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