Egg & Sperm Donation IVF Treatment

Some patients who come to us need the help of donor eggs or sperm to conceive. We therefore provide for these patients by having our very own egg and sperm banks on site. Our donation co-ordination nurse will help you to match with a donor, or assist you in transferring egg/sperm from elsewhere to the clinic. We can also do treatment with known donors. Undergoing a donation cycle can be an emotional process, and we wish to support you every step of the way. We therefore offer our patients an hour-long consultation with our nurses to arrange the donation and so that you can ask any questions you may have. We have a patient co-ordinator Lee Cowden, and we also work with a trained counsellor, Mollie Graneek.

IVF treatment with donor eggs

We offer egg donation through our own donor egg bank, which offers a selection of donors. We have information on the hair, eye and skin colour and occupation of our egg donors, and will help to match you with a suitable donor. If you do not find a donor in our bank, we may be able to find you a new donor, or alternatively, we also liaise with a Spanish egg clinic which means that you have a greater selection of donors to choose from. After coming to the clinic for a scan and consultation with the doctor, you will then meet one of our nurses who will talk you through the treatment process. After around 10 days of medication and monitoring scans/blood tests you will come in to the clinic for the embryo transfer. Success rates for egg donation cycles are usually very good.

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IVF treatment with donor sperm

Our sperm bank offers a selection of donors, and we can give you information on their skin, eye and hair colour and educational background before helping to match you with a donor.  You will come into the clinic to meet with the doctor, who will devise a treatment plan for you. Following this you will meet with a nurse to be matched with a donor or to arrange to have sperm from outside transferred to the clinic. Following this you can commence your treatment which might be intra-uterine insemination (IUI), Natural IVF or Mild IVF depending on the advice of the doctor.

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