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Natural Cycle IVF

Pure Natural Cycle IVF is the closest that IVF treatment can get to natural fertilisation. It focuses on the quality of eggs collected, rather than the quantity, and works naturally with your body. Natural Cycle IVF involves egg collection aligned with your natural menstrual cycle; no fertility drugs/injections are used throughout the process.

Natural Cycle IVF vs Conventional IVF

Benefits of Natural Cycle IVF:

  • No stimulation drugs
  • Lower cost
  • More control over the cycle that works best for you
  • Fewer side effects
  • Higher quality eggs
  • Better implantation
  • Reduced risk of premature or low birth weight babies
  • Opportunity for some women to have a child with their own eggs rather than donor eggs
  • Safer for your body
  • Better for your emotional and mental well-being

Who is Natural IVF for?

Natural Cycle IVF is suitable for every woman who is still ovulating and wants to avoid stimulating IVF drugs, however, it is particularly suitable for those who:

  • Have low ovarian/egg reserve
  • Are older but wish to try with their own eggs, rather than with donor eggs
  • Suffer from severe endometriosis
  • Have a history of hormone-dependent cancers
  • Want to avoid the risks and side effects of high stimulation IVF
  • Have had previous failure of implantation with conventional IVF
  • Women who have had a poor response to conventional IVF (e.g. produced fewer than three eggs)

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Natural & Mild IVF webinar

Led by Professor Geeta Nargund, find out more about Natural and Mild IVF, have your questions answered and book your virtual consultation with an IVF Consultant.

Natural Modified IVF

Natural Modified IVF is a form of Natural IVF,  but differs from Natural Cycle IVF as during the Natural Modified process, medication is given for 3-4 days in order to block spontaneous ovulation (prior to egg collection), and a small dose of stimulation hormone is given to support the follicle whilst blocking ovulation. For women who want to avoid injections, we can tailor the Natural Modified IVF cycle using tablets. The aim is to collect naturally selected egg/s.

Natural Modified IVF vs Conventional IVF

Benefits of Natural Modified IVF?

  • Retains many of the benefits of Natural Cycle IVF, alongside improved success rates
  • Improved egg and embryo quality compared with conventional IVF
  • Reduced risks and fewer side effects
  • Reduced risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
  • More affordable treatment costs

Who is Natural Modified IVF for?

  • Women with low AMH or low egg reserve
  • Women who have had previous failure of implantation with conventional IVF
  • For those who have a strong family history of breast, ovarian and other oestrogen dependant cancers
  • Opportunity for some women to have a child with their own eggs rather than donor eggs

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Your guide to our fertility treatments and services

Your guide to our IVF treatments and services

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A message from our founder

A message from our founder
By using little to no drugs, Natural and Mild IVF treatments are considerably kinder to women's bodies and carry fewer side effects and short and long-term health risks than conventional treatments.
Professor Geeta Nargund

Mild IVF

Mild IVF is a form of stimulated IVF where lower doses of hormones are given for a short period in your own natural cycle with an aim to collect up to 10 eggs. Its focus is on the quality rather than quantity of eggs and embryos, while maintaining excellent success rates. If you want to avoid taking daily injections, we are able to offer a tailored Mild IVF cycle using tablets.

Mild IVF vs Conventional IVF

Benefits of Mild IVF?

  • Fewer drugs
  • Excellent success rates
  • Fewer side effects
  • Higher egg and embryo quality compared with conventional IVF
  • Shorter treatment than conventional IVF - at just under two weeks
  • Frozen embryos of suitable quality that are not used in treatment can be frozen and stored for future use

Who is Mild IVF right for?

  • Women with a normal egg reserve
  • Those that are having treatment due to a male factor
  • Women who have PCO/PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Those that want to take lower doses of medications in a stimulated cycle
  • Those that want to avoid the risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)
  • Those that want to reduce the physical and psychological burden associated with conventional IVF
  • Women that want a treatment that is aligned with their own natural menstrual cycle

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