Sometimes patients come to us with a known condition, or are referred from NHS care. For those women and men with diagnosed fertility problems, our doctors can suggest the best possible treatment option for the situation, and will always carefully tailor any treatment to account for your known condition.  

We know how important it is to have a doctor who understands your individual situation. Our doctors are all very highly qualified with extensive experience in treating infertility. They have experience in treating a wide range of different patients, all with unique backgrounds and situations, and are used to dealing with complex cases. If you suspect that you have a condition, but this has not been confirmed, our doctors can often look into this for you or suggest appropriate further testing.

To find out more information about your condition and the treatment options, check out our information pages:

Low Ovarian Reserve

Many of our patients come to us with low AMH or high FSH, which is an indication of a low egg reserve. We are experts at treating women in this situation with Natural and Mild IVF.

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This is a relatively common condition that can cause infertility. CREATE are specialised in treating PCO and PCOS with tailored Mild Stimulation IVF.

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Tubal Disease

We offer advice and treatment for women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.

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Endometriosis can cause infertility. We have successfully treated many women with Endometriosis.

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Unexplained Infertility

Sometimes the reasons for infertility remain undiscovered. We can offer assessment and treatment for these patients.

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Thyroid Disease

Infertility can be caused by diseases of the thyroid, when it is under- or over-active. Women with a thyroid disease will be given tailor-made treatment under the care of our experienced doctors.

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Ovulation Disorders

Ovulation disorders occur when ovulation is disrupted or absent. These can be treated at our clinics by our team of experienced doctors.

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Male Infertility

There are various causes of male infertility, due to decreased quantity and/or quality of sperm, which can be treated with ICSI or sperm donation.

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