Success rates

IVF success rates

At CREATE, we have pioneered Natural and Mild IVF in the UK and are achieving excellent success rates, which we are very proud of.

Below we have detailed our average success rates dependent on the type of treatment. We understand how important success rates can be when choosing a fertility clinic so it’s vitally important these are as accurate as possible, for this reason we’ve included as much data as we can so you can be confident in our figures.

It is always important to ensure you are viewing comparable data when choosing your IVF clinic and to look at cumulative success rates.

In women with low ovarian reserve, the number and quality of eggs is reduced. These women have significantly higher success rates with a three-cycle package compared to a single cycle.

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Natural & Natural Modified IVF success rates

CREATE Fertility has the most experience and expertise in Natural and Natural Modified IVF in the UK. We have pioneered new protocols and methods to advance Natural IVF and to increase its success rates.

With Natural IVF and Modified Natural IVF, we are able to help women who have been turned away elsewhere or told that egg donation is their only option. Other benefits include:

  • This treatment is particularly successful for patients with a low ovarian reserve (low AMH and high FSH blood results)
  • Safety - we have an unparalleled track-record at OHSS prevention 
  • Healthy babies - babies born have significantly higher birth weights and lower rates of prematurity than babies born from conventional IVF treatment

Cumulative clinical pregnancy and live birth rates for 3 cycle package, low ovarian reserve (AMH less than 4 pmol/L).

Results taken from our London clinics. For more detailed success rates, please visit the HFEA website.

Mild IVF success rates

Mild Stimulation IVF is tailored to a woman’s natural cycle, using a short 5-9 day course of low dose stimulating drugs in order to achieve a mild response. The focus is on quality of eggs and embryos, not quantity.

There are a host of benefits to Mild IVF, including the following facts:

  • We have consistently achieved excellent results
  • Fewer side effects due to low drug doses and working with your cycle rather than using downregulation
  • Very safe - we have an unparalleled track-record at OHSS prevention
  • Shorter treatment duration - approximately 2 weeks
  • Healthier babies - babies born from milder treatments have significantly lower rates of premature birth than those born following conventional IVF
  • A high proportion of patients treated had low ovarian reserve or complex issues, and many achieved a successful outcome

Clinical pregnancy and live birth rates per embryo transfer (ET). 3 years of data: 2013-2015. 

Results taken from our London clinics. For more detailed success rates, please visit the HFEA website.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) success rates

FET cycles can be used when a patient has embryos frozen from previous cycles of IVF. It involves monitoring the cycle and keeping the womb healthy, ready for the transfer of frozen embryos.

Transferring embryos in an entirely natural cycle means that the uterus is healthy and drug-free, which is favourable for implantation.

At CREATE, we are strong advocates of using frozen embryo transfers to improve the chance of success for our patients.

Frozen embryo transfer (FET). Time period Q3 2013- Q2 2014.

Results taken from our London clinics. For more detailed success rates, please visit the HFEA website.

Your specific IVF success rate

At an initial consultation, one of our fertility experts will be able to discuss the likelihood of success specifically based on your situation, giving you a more accurate assessment of your chances using IVF treatment. This individual success rate will give an estimation of your chances of success based on your reproductive history, age, egg reserve, previous treatment history and any problems your partner may have.

Through our honest assessment of your potential success rate, we will be able to offer advice and recommendations for IVF and fertility treatment options. Your chances of success, health and safety are our priorities and all aspects will be discussed to allow you to make an informed decision. If you are not suitable for treatment with your own eggs, we can help with donor eggs or help you to move forward whatever the outcome.


Information on success rates can be of limited value when comparing centers and treatment types.  Please read our blog on interpreting success rates here, or visit the HFEA’s advice page on success rates.


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