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Support through fertility treatment: Where a fertility coach can help

Support through fertility treatment: Where a fertility coach can help

IVF treatment is a process that has given many women and couples the opportunity to start a family where they may have not previously been able to. However, it can be a difficult and stressful experience for not only women but for those supporting them throughout treatment too. Below, we outline some of the common anxieties people can experience when going through any sort of fertility treatment, and why having a specialist coach to guide you through the process can be useful for all those involved.

What are the most common causes of stress when undergoing fertility treatment?

When a woman or couple is desperate to start a family, stress can arise at any time of the process, all underpinned by the hope that the treatment is successful. At CREATE Fertility, we do our best to allay fears and minimise stress as much as possible, but some patients can still find that the difficulties of their journey can sneak into various aspects of their lives.

The medical process of fertility treatment can be a cause of worry for some women. As with any medical procedure, there will be uncertainty surrounding unfamiliar treatments and new medication, which can have a physical and emotional impact. There is a lot of information to digest, as well as the fear that the outcome may not be as successful as hoped. Some women can sadly feel alone in the process, as their partners may not fully understand the experience they are going though.  

Aside from the physical treatment, the decision to try IVF is a big one and it can be hard to balance everyday life with ongoing treatment. Couples will likely consider their finances, paired with worries that treatment will not be successful the first time. In some cases, women and couples can also find it difficult to juggle work and treatment. Although family and friends are generally on hand to provide much-needed support, it can be helpful to seek help from those who really understand what you are going through, when undergoing treatment.

Ways of reducing stress

The online world can be a great platform for sharing experiences and getting in touch with those who are experiencing similar situations. However, surprise pregnancy announcements on Instagram, targeted ads and an overload of information might make you feel isolated and trigger stress. Having a digital detox can help you to re-focus on yourself and take some well-deserved time to re-energise.

Instead, try to stay active and get out of the house. Keeping up a routine and not entering into a stagnant state consumed by stress will really help bolster your mental health and can help balance your hormones.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Talk to someone and share your story – whether they have been through the same journey or not, knowing that someone is looking out for you can be a huge relief.

What is fertility coaching and how can it benefit me?

While fertility experts at CREATE Fertility are devoted to ensuring you are happy and healthy by providing medical advice, a fertility coach’s overarching role is to make your fertility health their priority, including advice on diet, stress management and how to process a diagnosis.

Having someone who fully understands the whole process of IVF to talk to about what you are feeling is invaluable. Fertility coaches are specifically trained to help in the context of fertility treatment and can help to manage your emotions, whatever they may be, throughout the process. By using specific coping techniques, coaches can lessen the negative impact of fertility treatment on the rest of your life, as well as helping you to remain calm which could enhance your chances of getting pregnant. They are also very knowledgeable about natural fertility and can provide advice to help you to improve your fertility health, through diet and lifestyle.


Fertility coaching at CREATE Fertility

I’m Pauline and I’m the fertility coach at CREATE Fertility, and I’m on hand to help you at any stage of the process. I have 30-years’ experience in Reproductive Medical Health and know the process inside out.

I’ve seen first-hand the emotional trauma that can affect women and couples throughout the IVF process and have dedicated years of work to creating a specialised programme to leave you feeling empowered, with a new-found confidence and control of your life. This in turn could help to boost your chances of a successful outcome, by helping you to remain level-headed and in control throughout the process.

I help patients by taking them on a journey of rediscovery, encouraging you to deal with any sources of fear, anxiety or stress rather than holding on to them.

CREATE Fertility offers an 8-week Freedom Fertility Formula Session programme, consisting of 90 -minute sessions over Zoom. These sessions are private and confidential and give you access to a private Client Resource Area, as well as a free personalised journal to plan, reflect and stay on track. You can contact me via email in between sessions, and 15-minute SOS calls are available as required. We can also give you access to a supportive and sensitive social media community if you wish to connect with women on similar journeys.


Is a fertility coach right for me?

If you’re struggling to take the next steps in building your family or you need some emotional support along the way, fertility coaching is a safe and productive option to help you make a plan and get clear on your path to success.

Fertility coaches can be there to answer the questions that feel impossible to answer on your own. Instead of spending hours on the internet searching for possible solutions, you can go straight to your fertility coach for personalised support.

Though a fertility coach isn’t something everyone going through IVF needs, having their expertise can help supplement the medical guidance from your physicians and give you extra physical, mental, and emotional support while navigating infertility.

When should I enlist help from a fertility coach?

If you are thinking of enlisting the help of a fertility coach, it is important to get their help and advice as soon as possible. Having the help from a coach at the earliest opportunity will help you prepare for treatment in the best way possible, as well as supporting you throughout your journey.

Our fertility coaching services is an extra cost of £997 and the information discussed throughout will be kept private and confidential from your fertility treatment journey. If you want to find out more about our programme, get in touch today on 0333 240 7300 or via our website – we are always happy to help!

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