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Key Facts about our services

These Key Facts apply to all services that we (Create Health Limited trading as CREATE Fertility) provide to you. We reserve the right to modify these Key Facts at any time. Please check back regularly for any changes.


  • The Key Facts set out here bring to your attention important information about our services. Please review, for full information about our terms of business.
  • If you are an NHS funded patient, our terms and conditions apply, excluding details of Pricing and Payment. All terms and conditions will apply when you buy extra treatment on top of your free NHS funded treatment.


  • It is important to understand that no provider of fertility treatment services is able to guarantee a successful outcome or an absence of complications. Accordingly, we are unable to give a commitment that any fertility treatment that you undertake with us will lead to a pregnancy and/or will be without complications.
  • Our published success rates are available on our website: and on the HFEA website.


  • We will ask you for certain personal and medical information which we will need to provide you with treatment and a cost estimate. If you do not provide this information we cannot provide you with an accurate cost estimate and may not be able to treat you.
  • You must inform us of any change in your address and/or contact details. If we are unable to contact you in order to take your instructions and/or seek payment we may not be able to provide you with Services.
  • In relation to our frozen storage Services:
    • If we are unable to contact you in order to take your instructions and/or seek payment for frozen storage in accordance with our Price Guide, we may need to discard any samples you store with us.
    • We will attempt to make contact initially via telephone and email. If we are unsuccessful or do not receive instruction, we will send a letter via registered post to the address we have on file. If we are still unable to contact you after multiple attempts to take payment this may lead to your samples being discarded. It is therefore very important that you inform us immediately of any change in your contact details, including email address, postal address and telephone number and do not ignore any request for payments.


  • The first stage of assessing and diagnosing what treatment you may need is an advanced baseline scan and/ or initial consultation with a clinician. The advanced baseline scan and/ or initial consultation will be confirmed by email following booking. We will require a repeat advanced baseline scan if 3 months has elapsed from the first advanced baseline scan, which will incur an additional charge.
  • After your advanced baseline scan and/ or initial consultation, if you require a fertility treatment, you will have a consultation with a member of our staff to discuss your treatment. We will send you a Costed Treatment Plan which includes information on costs. We will also give you access to review, complete and sign all relevant Consent Forms for Treatment.
  • You will need to confirm your agreement to these forms and make payment to us before we provide you with treatment. In certain circumstances, including but not limited to if there is a significant time period between your treatments, we may ask you to resubmit the Financial Consent Form and Consent Forms for Treatment.
  • Any treatments, techniques or tests which are not set out in your Costed Treatment Plan will need to be paid for separately. Following discussion with our staff, these will need to be paid for in advance in accordance with the ‘Prices and Payment’ section of this document.
  • Details of how you enter into contracts with us at each stage of your treatment are set out in our terms and conditions. Please note that your contract for treatment is formed with us by making payment.


  • Time limits: Certain treatments have time limits for when treatment must be completed. 3 and 6 cycle packages must be completed within 12 months of first egg collection.
  • Frozen material: Please note that:
    • Annual storage is billed on the anniversary from when the samples were first frozen. If you purchased a 3-cycle package, this will billed from the date we first freeze a sample. For example, if you have a viable embryo after the first egg collection, annual storage would be billed on the anniversary of this date.
    • Storage is charged annually from the date of freezing, except where you pay for ‘embryo freezing and storage’ outside a package (this is normally following a single IVF cycle). The ‘embryo freezing and storage’ includes two years of freezing. In this case you will be charged annually from the second anniversary of freezing. If you use or discard your embryos completely within 1 year of freezing and you have paid for the package that includes 2 years storage, then you will be entitled to a refund of £200.
  • Medication: You will need to pay for any medication that we prescribe for you. We will let you know about the costs of medications before you proceed with treatment. Medications will be dispensed by us or our pharmacy partner. You cannot return or receive a refund for medication once dispensed.
  • Appointments: While we make reasonable efforts to ensure that appointments run to time, our appointments are clinical consultations and so we cannot guarantee that appointments will not be delayed.
  • Your clinician: We cannot guarantee that you will see the same clinician on every visit.
  • Our discretion not to proceed with treatment: We may decide, in our clinical discretion, that you are not suitable for treatment on medical grounds at any time. We may also decide in our discretion that you are not suitable for treatment if your behaviour indicates a clear and obvious lack of trust between us. We also have a legal duty to consider the welfare of the child or children that may be born as a result of your treatment, and treatment may be refused in light of concerns about such welfare.
  • Changes to treatment on medical grounds: We may change your treatment and our contract with you on medical grounds. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • a need for ICSI
    • a change in medication doses depending on how patients respond to stimulation
    • changing the treatment protocol at short notice due to medical reasons
    • a need for elective freezing due to medical reasons and a subsequent frozen embryo transfer (see comment below)
    • a need for a blood or diagnostic test.
    • While such changes may be advisable or necessary medically, you will be given material information about such changes. Any changes to treatment may incur additional costs and these will be given as soon as practicable.
  • Elective Freezing: Where you have paid for a single IVF cycle which includes a fresh embryo transfer and for medical reasons it has been advised that all embryos should be frozen so that a frozen embryo transfer can take place at a later date, the following applies:
    • You will need to pay for freezing and storage above the fees paid for your cycle. Our ‘embryo freezing and storage’ package includes 2 years of storage. However if the samples are used within 3 months (and nothing remains frozen) you will be entitled to a refund of £600.
    • You will also need to pay for a frozen embryo transfer, which includes thawing the embryos. As the freezing was due to medical reasons you will be eligible for a £700 discount on the price for a frozen embryo transfer.
  • Other changes: We may make other changes to our services in some situations, as described in our terms and conditions. We will notify you if we make more significant changes to the services.
  • Diagnostic Tests: If we advise you that you need any diagnostic tests before a consultation or treatment you will be offered the opportunity to arrange diagnostic tests at one of our clinics or at one of our recommended partners’ clinics. If you choose to use our clinics we will provide you with our prices before you proceed.
  • Clinic location: Location information for our clinics and services are on our website at Contact details for your clinic will be provided when you access treatment.
  • Partners: We work with partner organisations for some treatment. We will always let you know if we recommend using partners and if the partners are sub-contractors working for us or if they work independently of us. If the partners work independently of us you will need to check their terms and conditions which will apply to your treatment with them.


  • Website and Price Guide: Our Website and the Price Guide, which is available from our Website, include indicative information about our Costs. We use dynamic pricing for our baseline scans which means that we adjust prices for appointments in response to our internal resources and capacity demands. The price may therefore vary depending on how soon the baseline scan is from the date of booking. The detailed Costs for all other Treatments which you will pay are set out in the Costed Treatment Plan which you will be given before entering into a contract with us for Treatment.
  • Additional costs: Information as to any additional tests, treatments, medication or other services that may become necessary, such as pregnancy scans/blood tests, pregnancy medication, embryo freezing and storage, and any additional fees we pass on for the cost of regulation or counselling will be made available to you before you confirm that you wish to proceed with the relevant treatment.
  • Price Estimates and changes to prices: We may change our prices from time to time and will always draw your attention to any changes. Unless we expressly notify you that the price will be the price set out in the Costed Treatment Plan quote given to you, the prices you pay will be the prices which are in effect when you contract with us for treatment. Prior to entering into a contract with us you will need to check the prices, as they may vary from any quoted prices if we have changed our prices after you received your quote (unless we notify you that the prices set out in a quote will apply).
  • Payment in advance: Except when you join our finance scheme ( , you must make an advance payment of 100% of the price of the services in accordance with these terms except for certain treatments where you will be required to make an advance payment as a deposit as set out in your Costed Treatment Plan. We reserve the right to cancel any consultation appointment if payment has not been received.


  • Our cancellation, reschedule and refund terms are set out in full in our terms and conditions and we draw your attention to the following:
    • In relation to all cancellation and reschedule fees, please note that we only retain fees to cover the reasonable costs and losses we have incurred by virtue of your decision not to proceed with a consultation or treatment.
    • Services are not refundable once performed and are otherwise subject to our terms and conditions relating to refunds and cancellations.
    • After booking, if you decide not to go ahead with your baseline scan and/or initial consultation, the following terms will apply, subject to our terms and conditions:
      • If you cancel or reschedule a baseline scan with more than 72 hours’ notice you will be entitled to a full refund of the costs paid or be able to reschedule your appointment.
      • If you cancel or reschedule a baseline scan with less than 72 hours’ notice but there is more than 72 hours until your scheduled initial consultation, you will be entitled to a full refund of the costs paid less a Cancellation Fee of £200 to cover the cost of the baseline scan.
      • If you have had a baseline scan and cancel or reschedule your initial consultation with less than 72 hours’ notice, you will not be entitled to a refund.
      • If you do not attend a scheduled baseline scan or an initial consultation, you will not be entitled to a refund.
      • If you wish to reschedule the baseline scan, you may incur a charge to cover the difference in cost from your original consultation price (baseline scan and virtual consultation) and that of the new booking due to the fact that we use dynamic pricing which means that we adjust prices for appointments in response to our internal resources and capacity demands.
    • We reserve the right to cancel appointments and discontinue treatment/services for non-payment of costs.
    • Medications and consumables are not returnable or refundable once dispensed.
    • If treatment is cancelled after a Treatment Consultation has taken place, a charge of £500 will apply. This will be taken from fees paid for the cycle. If the fees for the cycle have not been settled then you will be required to pay the £500 on request.
    • In the event that a Treatment cycle is abandoned prior to egg collection/embryo transfer, an additional Cancellation Fee will be incurred of £200 per scan that has been completed. Any other Services rendered will also have to be settled in full;
    • In the event that no egg/eggs are collected at the egg collection, the cycle is considered completed and no refund will be issued.
    • In the event that no embryos created from any of the treatment cycles are suitable for transfer or freezing, the cycle is considered completed and no refund will be issued.
    • In the event that a frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle does not result in suitable embryos to transfer because the embryo(s) have not survived the thawing process, a refund of £700 will be issued.
    • 3 Cycle packages - Should you decide to cancel your cycle package the following charges will apply. You will be refunded the difference of the remaining costs of the cycle package you have paid less the charges set out above:
      • Cancellation prior to beginning treatment and after the treatment consultation has taken place, you will incur a £500 cancellation fee; or
      • Cancellation after 1 cycle of treatment, you will incur the cost of one cycle of treatment at the full price of treatment.
      • Cancellation after two cycles of treatment, you will incur the cost of two cycles of single cycle treatments at the full price.
      • If an ICSI package is purchased and the cycle package is not completed you will be required to pay the difference between the discounted rate of each ICSI (set out in the Costed Treatment Plan) and the standard rate of ICSI cycle per completed treatment.
      • If you opt for the IUI 3 cycle package, you are entitled to a maximum of three cycles, however, once a clinical pregnancy (foetal heartbeat) is present, you will not be entitled to further cycles within this package and you will not receive a refund for the remainder of the package.
    • If we decide, in our clinical discretion, that you are not suitable for treatment on medical grounds or we decide not to treat you for any other reason following a treatment booking, then we will refund your costs paid but we will deduct from the refund a Cancellation Fee to cover the costs of the treatment booking and other costs incurred by us.
    • If we decide for any other reason not to proceed with Treatment then we will be entitled to retain a cancellation fee.
    • If you have paid for genetic testing, no refund is given once a biopsy has taken place.
    • Where you have requested that we provide treatment within the statutory cooling-off period, we will perform our services as soon as the request is made. If you choose not to waive your statutory right in this way, you acknowledge that we will not perform services for you for the duration of the cooling-off period.
    • Failure to pay the applicable costs for frozen storage may lead to the stored embryos/gametes being destroyed.
    • Once we take payment for freezing and annual storage, we are unable to give a refund even if you decide to discard your samples part way through the year, except for as described in the ‘Frozen Material’ section above.
    • Egg donation and egg sharing packages have additional terms and conditions. These will be provided to you if you require these services before you commence treatment.
    • Where our charges are refundable a credit may be applied to your account. Otherwise, refunds are normally made within 28 days.



  • Your clinician will discuss your treatment options with you during your initial consultation. You will need to consent to your chosen treatment(s) by agreeing to the terms of the relevant Consent Forms for Treatment via our online portal or via a paper copy prior to the start of any treatment.. You must not provide your consent if you either do not agree with the statements that you are being asked to agree or if you consider that anything is unclear. You should not provide your consent until any questions that you may have are answered to your satisfaction.
  • We are subject to a range of legal requirements including but not limited to consent, and these must be fulfilled for us to offer you treatment. We are entitled to cease providing you with treatment if these requirements are not satisfied.
  • You may withdraw your consent after you give it by giving us reasonable notice/confirmation in writing of the withdrawal of your consent. You cannot withdraw your consent after your gametes and/or embryos have been used in treatment.
  • You must inform us without delay of any change in your personal circumstances that may be relevant to your treatment and/or to the consent given by you or a partner or any other person on whose behalf you are accessing these services.
  • Unless we agree with you in writing to the contrary, you and any other person on whose behalf you are acting such as a partner, and who has signed a Financial Consent Form and a Consent Form for Treatment will be jointly and severally liable for any monies owing to us in relation to that treatment. This means that we may seek payment from either of you.