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Join Our Free Webinar & Live Doctor Q&A: Tuesday 4th June at 6pm!

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I was in a long term relationship with someone I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. We had planned having children, so when that unexpectedly came to an end when I was 34 I did a lot of thinking about my next steps.

I read a lot about fertility and was quite aware that from the age of 35 my chances of falling pregnant would start to decline so I started looking into egg freezing. It was playing on my mind that it might take some time before I would meet somebody new and then be in a position to have a baby so I started to really consider freezing my eggs.

I was lucky enough to have some savings and I did think that I would regret it if I didn’t do it so after a few months of research I booked myself a fertility check up. I had actually had the check up at another clinic in Harley Street, but then I moved to North Wales and needed something more local and that’s when I came across CREATE Fertility. One of my friends had recommended CREATE as they’ve had a really good experience there, so I went ahead and booked an Initial Consultation.

The Nurse Consultant who I saw at the Initial Consultation was absolutely lovely. She made me feel really at ease and reassured me during that appointment. The clinic itself was also very modern and clean and that filled me with lots of confidence too.

Following that appointment I had a video consultation where we talked through the process in more detail and also discussed all my test results. I was informed that everything was fine and that I could go ahead with a cycle of Egg Freezing so I decided to go for it.

I then had some training on how to do the hormone injections and everything moved pretty quickly from there. My injections arrived and as soon as my menstrual cycle started, I began taking them. Looking back I think I was quite fortunate because I don’t recall any side effects from the medication at all. Having to inject myself was quite daunting at first as I’ve never been a huge fan of needles but once I did it once, it felt completely normal.

I had pretty much prepared for this cycle as one would for getting pregnant - I cut out alcohol and caffeine, was eating well and exercising more. The Consultant explained that our cycles can vary from month to month and really took the time to explain everything and reassure me as much as possible.

Egg collection day came and everyone at the clinic did their best to put me at ease. I was nervous but the procedure went well and resulted in 4 high quality eggs being collected which are now frozen and patiently waiting.

The staff at CREATE were absolutely brilliant throughout. They made sure that I felt supported and always took the time to answer all my queries. Follow ups and post appointment care was also great!

Obviously this process can be quite a daunting one; it’s a really big decision and treatment to undertake. My only advice to any other women considering or going through the process right now is to remain focused on the end goal.

It is a big financial investment, however I really didn’t want to have any regrets years down the line and saw it as an insurance policy. I know there is no guarantee that I will use them or even if I do that they will result in a baby, however at least I know that they’re there. Prior to this procedure I did get quite emotional and down about the prospect of potentially never having a baby, whereas now I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders a little bit.

I know that I’ve done everything within my control.

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