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Lisa and Lynsey share their fertility journey as a lesbian couple, having both gone through successful IVF cycles with CREATE Fertility.

They came to CREATE looking to start their family after four failed cycles of IUI on the NHS.

Attracted by the concept of using less drugs, the couple have each done a cycle of Mild IVF using the same sperm donor, which resulted in their two sons Teddy (2.5 years) and Sonny (3 months old).

"I was initially concerned that I was going to feel hormonal changes with the needles, but I didn't feel anything. Which I think goes to show that the mild protocol was a really good fit for me." says Lynsey.

Due to their ages, they decided it was best that they both did their egg collections as soon as possible, meaning that while Lynsey was pregnant with Teddy, Lisa was getting ready for her egg collection.

"Life in our house is mad, it's absolute madness. We have the most energetic toddler who is brilliant and tiring in equal measure! Luckly for us Sonny is the most chilled baby ever." - Lisa


Watch our video to learn about their experience of Mild IVF, choosing a sperm donor and life with two amazing boys.

Lisa and Lynsey have their own Youtube channel Teddy Has 2 Mams where they document their fertility and life as a 2 mum family.