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We had been trying for a baby for a few years when we decided to go to our GP about it. When we went through the NHS for testing and they concluded that I had unexplained infertility. They didn’t give me much more information than that.

We did have a round of Clomid which failed so we were told that the next step would be IVF treatment. Due to my partner having a child from a previous marriage we wouldn’t be eligible for NHS funding and this left us feeling a bit lost.  I didn’t know where to start when it came to private IVF treatment!

Luckily, my sister-in-law was a fertility nurse at the time and so that helped steer us in the right direction. She spent some time telling me more about IVF treatment and also about the differences between CREATE’s approach to treatment compared to more conventional clinics. I liked the sound of that so we decided to start doing some more research and get more information about CREATE.

We did just that and booked on to a free open evening at the Manchester clinic. The consultant who led the talk at the open evening was so passionate about what he does and CREATE’s approach. It just sounded so much kinder than the other options that were out there!

A couple of my friends had had treatment at another clinic in Manchester and their treatment sounded brutal. They were over stimulated and didn’t have a great experience overall so I was really keen to opt for a milder form of IVF. CREATE felt like the right fit for us.

Although our first round wasn’t successful, we really did feel like the team were trying their best to give us the outcome we were after. We were offered counselling and felt very supported through this time. We had a few meetings with the team after this failed cycle to try to understand what went wrong and what can be changed. During this first cycle 2 embryos were created so we still had one frozen which we could try with.

We decided to go back for an FET and have the frozen embryo transferred but sadly we had to abandon the cycle as my body was not responding well at all. This was when the team decided to send me down to CREATE’s London clinic to see Professor Campbell for a very advanced ultrasound scan to see if there is anything else going on which could be affecting our treatment.

Straight away Professor Campbell could see Adenomyosis in my womb. They offered me surgery to remove it the next day and I went for it as this will hopefully give us the window of opportunity to implant our FET. Once everything was removed we went back to Manchester to have our FET, but unfortunately this failed. We were upset but our Consultant explained everything and follow up scans showed the Adenomyosis had returned. My consultant stated a drug treatment plan would be the best approach but first we needed more embryos. This time around we opted for a 3 cycle package which is designed to help improve chances of success for complicated cases. This approach involves 3 consecutive egg collections and focuses on creating a number of good quality embryos before the transfer at the end.

After the 3 cycles we then had to tackle the Adenomyosis which was a course of down regulation medication ahead of a FET cycle. This was the first time where I felt like I wanted to give up as it ended up taking 7 months rather than the planned 3 months, due to my body fighting the drugs and feeling so hormonal. Despite this, I really wanted to give this last shot my all, after all we had got this far.

We had the FET, and I did a test after 10 days and we finally saw the word ‘POSITIVE’. I rang the clinic straight away and we were all ecstatic together. I went in a few days later for my bloods to confirm the pregnancy and all the team that were involved in my journey came to see me. They were all in tears and genuinely so happy for us!

We had finally done it. It was an indescribable feeling. So many tears had been poured over the years. We’ve laughed and we’ve cried together with the team. It had been such a rollercoaster of a journey and we honestly couldn’t have done it without the team at CREATE. They made a difficult journey much easier. In addition to this, they also helped us financially. As you can imagine, going through so many cycles ended up costing us a lot of money but CREATE even made this aspect so much more manageable. They were simply amazing in every aspect!

Our Baby is now here and he is healthy and it’s amazing how your world just changes! I keep looking at him in awe. I just can’t believe we’ve created him; he’s just incredible. At the moment I’m just trying to absorb every single second. He’s 14 weeks already and time is moving too fast!

I’ve recommended CREATE to anyone who has asked. I’ve already had a few friends go for treatment there and they’ve now also had great experiences as they have got their babies too and now I’ve finally got mine. Just don’t give up and lose hope, the Create Team will literally move heaven and earth to help you succeed.