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My husband and I were trying to conceive for about 3 years when we finally decided to see our GP about it. She was really lovely and referred us to have all the necessary diagnostic tests, but unfortunately, they couldn’t find any explanation or reason as to why we weren’t falling pregnant.

As we already had a child, we weren’t eligible for any help from the NHS so we started looking for private fertility treatment online. When we came across CREATE Fertility, we really liked the sound of their approach to IVF treatment and decided to go along to a free open evening to find out more.

We found the open evening really useful and were given all the science behind Natural and Mild IVF, which really interested me. We left with lots of information and even more to think about. We didn’t take the decision lightly and so it took us quite a while to take the next step and book an Initial Consultation and Scan.

There were two main reasons we decided to go with CREATE Fertility -the first being their low drugs approach. After all the information we received at the open evening and our Initial Consultation, I realised that this approach will be much better for my body. The second deciding factor was that CREATE Fertility were the most aligned with what we believe in, ethically. We are religious and believe in life at conception, so the idea of creating lots of embryos which will be later discarded really didn’t appeal to us. At CREATE, they work alongside the woman’s body and focus on the quality of eggs and embryos, making treatment as close to natural conception as possible.

I must say that I found the whole process loads easier and less painful than what I had prepared myself for. I hardly had any side effects and found the whole Mild IVF treatment journey very straightforward. I really think this would have been a completely different story if we had decided to go down the conventional IVF route – longer protocol and much more drugs! The idea of working within your own menstrual cycle with a small amount of drugs make a lot more sense to me, especially since success rates are the same.

Everyone we came across at CREATE were really friendly and caring. What I appreciated the most was being treated like a grown up person, not just another ‘customer’. For example, between my egg collection and embryo transfer, we were given the option to opt for a 3 day transfer or a 5 day transfer. I had no idea what to do, so we spoke to the Lead Embryologist and together we went through all the pros and cons of both options. He spent a few hours with me, giving me all the facts and I really appreciated that. I know that regardless of the results, he gave me all the facts and I felt at peace that I made the right decision at that time. Luckily for us, this decision turned into a successful pregnancy!

We were so excited when we found out I was pregnant. I really think it’s impossible to describe in words how we felt. We had to be quite wary throughout the pregnancy due to my age, but our new arrival is simply a ray of sunshine.

He is so healthy, happy and relaxed; we are absolutely in love with him. Thank you CREATE!