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Join Our Free Webinar & Live Doctor Q&A: Tuesday 25th June at 6pm!

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I had lost my periods when I was really young. They had always been irregular and at that age it didn’t really bother me not having one anymore. I didn’t think about what impact that might have on me later in life.

When I got older and started trying for a baby it became apparent that we would need fertility treatment in order to start a family. As much as I love the NHS, they were really unhelpful in this scenario and we ended up having a cycle of IVF privately. This cycle ended up being successful and we now have a 3 year old daughter as a result of that first cycle.

More recently we decided that we would like to try again for a sibling, but this time around I really wanted to try egg sharing.

This would be my last cycle and I wanted to be able to give something back and potentially help another woman. We came across CREATE’s Egg Sharing program and were instantly drawn to having treatment there.

The ultrasound scan and consultation at CREATE was really useful. They explained absolutely everything I needed to know about Egg Sharing in great detail.

It was a lot of information to take in but we were so glad that we were made aware of all the legalities around it, risks and what to expect before making a decision.

This isn’t a decision I took lightly, however I felt completely supported by the team at CREATE, so decided to go for it.

Treatment went well and we got to the 2 week wait quite smoothly. This is always the most difficult time, having to wait, but this time I had a 3 year old to keep me distracted and that really helped. I tried to stay as busy as possible to keep my mind off it.

The pregnancy test came back positive and we were simply ecstatic, but shortly after I started bleeding and elation quickly turned into panic. I thought I had miscarried. I ended up feeling really unwell and having to go to A&E where they did some checks. We were told that the baby is still there, but they couldn’t really make out a heartbeat. We were absolutely heartbroken and scared at this point.

A few weeks later, I went back to the hospital for another scan and this time they found a heartbeat! Despite the scare that we had, I ended up giving birth to a very healthy baby and she is now 3 months old.


I cannot fault CREATE from start to finish. We are so grateful to them for their expertise, care and support and would genuinely recommend them to anyone needing treatment.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had two rounds of successful IVF. I know that there are many women who aren’t as fortunate but I do hope that me sharing my eggs might one day give someone a better chance of having the family they dream of. It’s so amazing when it finally happens to you!