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We are incredibly grateful that the treatment worked for us. We were going to be parents again!

We are a same sex couple and already have a daughter though shared motherhood. A few years ago when we moved back to Manchester we decided that we would like to grow our family so we started to look at fertility clinics in the area to begin the process again. From the very beginning we had both agreed that shared motherhood is the most suitable treatment for us so we were looking for a clinic who would support us on that journey.

When we first came across CREATE, we really liked the milder approach to treatment. Neither of us have any fertility issues and so we have always tried to avoid heavily medicated cycles so CREATE’s approach seemed perfect for us.

We attended an open day at CREATE and got a really good feel for the clinic. Being a same sex couple, it was also really important to us that the clinic we chose felt inclusive and we really did get that from CREATE. They didn’t seem to care about our sexuality; they simply treated us as patients who are there to have a healthy baby and that felt really refreshing.

We both felt really understood from the get go. CREATE understood that we both wanted to be as involved in the process as possible and fully supported us with the shared motherhood process. We were also incredibly impressed by the fact that our whole treatment was Consultant led and we also had continuity of care with most of the staff in the clinic. This meant a lot to us and made us trust the CREATE team entirely.

Another thing that stood out to us about CREATE was the way in which they so carefully monitored us in the first part of our treatment. I carried both pregnancies and so my partner was the one who had to take the stimulating medication and have her eggs collected. 

The clinic we had previously been at didn’t really monitor her and although we ended up with 16 eggs, we only really had two viable embryos from that cycle at the first clinic. We always wondered why that was. When we started with CREATE, they monitored my partner almost every other day. They were looking at her hormone levels and tweaking the medication based on how her body was responding to treatment. This approach results in 6 viable embryos; one was implanted and we still have 5 in storage for the future. I truly believe that CREATE’s approach was the reason we had a much better result overall.

We did have a small hiccup as COVID hit right after the egg collection procedure and treatment had to be put on pause for a while. Everything was so uncertain and up in the air at the time that we were actually quite glad to have a break and commence once things had settled down a bit. So, our journey did take a little bit longer than we had hoped for but things do happen for a reason and we wouldn’t change anything about our journey.

Once we did pick things back up again, everything went pretty smoothly. We had a frozen embryo transfer and that was it. We are incredibly grateful that the treatment worked for us. We were going to be parents again!

My pregnancy went well and I gave birth to a very healthy 9lb 11oz baby boy and we are just the happiest parents! It’s the best feeling in the world. We have always wanted two or three children but as a same sex couple, who wanted to have a family in a very specific way, we knew that realistically we might not be able to have exactly what we wanted due to costs and the complexity of the treatment. However with CREATE’s help our life is now complete.

Sister holding newborn baby brother