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We were trying for a baby for 2 years when we decided to see our GP for some tests to check our fertility. The results basically indicated that we were not likely to conceive naturally and that we would need fertility treatment if we want to start a family. I was absolutely devastated.

 We met all the NHS criteria for funding for IVF treatment and so we began the process. It was all about to go through and we were due to get the final sign off within a few week when the pandemic started and everything got cancelled. It was just so heartbreaking. We were so close and then it all just abruptly ended. I remember feeling so low and thinking that I would never have a baby. I also experienced a lot of guilt. Was it my fault because I had decided to focus on my career for so many years and now it’s too late? It was a very difficult time.

As the pandemic carried on, it felt like the dream of having a baby was moving farther and farther away from us. As soon as things started to slowly open up again post lockdown, I contacted the hospital to see if we could pick things up again but we were informed that as it’s been so long, all my tests are invalid and that we would have to start from scratch.

We re-did all the tests again only to be told that we would still have to wait approximately 8 to 9 months before we could begin treatment and I just couldn’t cope with that. Mentally, I was just done waiting so we started looking at private clinics.

I read up lots before we made a decision. I am really open about my IVF journey but before I started I didn’t know anyone who had been through treatment and so I had to read up a lot. This is part of the reason I wanted to share my story; when I was researching I took a lot of comfort in reading other people’s stories. I felt really alone but the stories gave me hope.

We came across CREATE Fertility and decided that they are the perfect clinic for us. Then it so worked out that CREATE were working with our CCG anyway so in a fortunate turn of events we actually ended up having NHS funded treatment in the end, but at the CREATE clinic. I genuinely believe this was fate.


When I had the first appointment at CREATE, I felt like that was the first time someone had actually listened to me and understood what I was talking about. It was incredible! After having this appointment with CREATE I felt as though a weight, that I had been carrying around for 3 years, had been lifted off my shoulder and I began to feel really hopeful.


From then, it all moved quite quickly. My body responded well to treatment and the whole process was pretty smooth. We ended up with 7 high quality eggs, however in the end we only had 1 viable embryo to transfer so it was all down to this one tiny embryo. I was quite upset with that but the team kept reminding me that it only takes 1 embryo to create a baby so I just focused on that.

I was very emotional throughout treatment but the staff at CREATE were wonderful. They all made me feel supported and understood and that meant a lot to me.

My 2 week wait was quite difficult because I bled. At the time I was sure that it was my period and that treatment hadn’t worked.

The night before we were supposed to have the pregnancy blood test at the clinic I woke up in the night to go to the toilet and decided to take a test. In my heart I knew it would be negative but I took it anyway.

When I saw that the test result was positive, my whole body started shaking. I was in absolute shock. I called the clinic in the morning and told them about both the bleeding and the positive test and they reassured me that this can happen sometimes and that the pregnancy blood test would give us a more reliable result.

I had the blood test and when we received the call back with the results the nurse confirmed that I am in fact ‘very pregnant’! We were over the moon.

After the 12 week scan that we managed to fully relax and allow it to sink in. From that point I just loved every minute of my pregnancy, although it wasn't an easy one, and we couldn’t wait to be parents.

Being a mother is so much more than I had imagined; it’s incredible. I love motherhood and I have never loved someone as much as I love my daughter and I would genuinely recommend CREATE to absolutely anyone.

Just like IVF, motherhood can be difficult but its so worth it. As hard as it was we don’t ever want to forget our journey because it reminds us of how much we wanted her. She’s worth it all.