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Hi I'm Kaly and this is my son Ashton; he is 7 months old and is our second child. Our first child, Mia, was conceived naturally.

We had been trying to conceive for a good 18 months and I was a little bit perplexed as to why we hadn't conceived again. Just through a very crude internet search, I came across CREATE and it was specifically the 1 hour MOT check that really appealed to me. I  thought 'that's something I could get done in my lunch break!'.

So, my husband and I went along and had the MOT check. We were seen very quickly, had some pretty sound advice, but we were quite shocked to find out that we weren't able to conceive naturally and that we would need IVF treatment in order to have our second child.

I really liked the Mild IVF treatment and the philosophy around that. It seemed to really suit us and, location wise, CREATE was a good clinic for us. We had our MOT in March/April, started our treatment in June and found out we were pregnant in July which was amazing!

My advice would be to do it because I've had such a fantastic result and this is what's come out of it. It yields such amazing results and I really do feel it's worth it.