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Couples fertility test

Our couples fertility test is perfect for couples who wish to check their current fertility. This unique service allows you to visit one of our fertility clinics to get a clearer picture of your current fertility and what your potential future fertility may look like.

If you have any further questions about our couples fertility test after please contact our patient support team who will be happy to help.

Who is it for?

  • Couple's who are not actively seeking fertility treatment
  • Those wanting to check their current fertility health

What does the fertility test include?

Advanced ultrasound scan

The female partner will get a fertility ultrasound scan which takes around 20 minutes and can be performed on any day of the cycle. This fertility test looks at the number of follicles present within the ovaries, also known as the antral follicle count (AFC).

We'll also look at the quality of the womb lining and checking blood flow to the follicles and uterus which will give us a good estimate of your ovarian reserve.

Semen analysis

The male partner will be asked to produce a sperm sample in one of our private sample rooms, which will then be analysed by our experienced embryologists in the laboratory.

The semen analysis looks at sperm motility, as well as assessing the density and morphology. Your results will be available the same day.

Health check for both partners

Our clinician will check both partners height, weight and BMI.

Medical history review

Talk through your medical history to explore any known problems that could be relevant.


After both partners have had their fertility tests, you will then have a joint consultation with one of our experienced fertility consultants to discuss your results, answer any questions you might have and get advice.

If you have already had fertility treatment or are seeking fertility treatment, it is more appropriate to book an Initial Consultation and Scan which will include a potential fertility treatment protocol. A treatment plan not included in the couples fertility test.

How much does a couples fertility test cost?

-An advanced ultrasound Scan for the female partner
-A semen analysis for the male partner
-Check height, weight and BMI.
-Talk through your medical history to explore any known problems that could be relevant
-A consultation to discuss the results with an experienced fertility consultant


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