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FREE Scan & Consultation if you proceed with treatment when booking this July. Enter SUMMEROFFER24 at checkout*. *More info

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I have a history of recurrent miscarriages. Before I started IVF treatment I had 4 miscarriages, always within the first trimester and then I stopped falling pregnant naturally all together.

We’ve had lots of investigations however they couldn’t find the reason why it keeps happening to us. The doctors told us that given our medical history, IVF would probably be the best treatment for us. We were also advised to check the genetics of the embryo for any abnormalities before implantation so that’s exactly what we set out to do.

We were keen to find a clinic close to us and found that CREATE have a satellite in Hertfordshire near us. We looked more into it and CREATE felt like the right clinic for us so we booked an appointment.

The Consultant we saw at our Initial Consultation was incredibly helpful. He looked at our medical history before the consultation so it felt as though he knew us already. He advised that the best course of action for us would be the 3 Cycle Package of IVF with PGT-A on any embryos created. We decided to start treatment right away.

At the start I felt a little bit scared and nervous, mainly of the injections and hormonal stimulation but it really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. It was challenging at times but I felt as though CREATE made our journey as easy and smooth as they possibly could.

We had the first cycle and egg collection at the end of May. We were quite happy initially as we had 10 eggs collected but in the end only one embryo made it to blastocyst stage. This worried us a lot. We had the second egg collection in July and this time 8 eggs were collected and again only one embryo made it to blastocyst stage. We didn’t understand why this keeps happening but we did have lots of great conversations with our Consultant about it. He was very realistic with us but did reassure us that although the numbers we were seeing were below the average, in the end it only does take 1 embryo to create a baby.

At that point we decided to take a short break and we went away on holiday. That’s when I fell pregnant naturally again. We were so shocked! Sadly, like all my other natural pregnancies, this also ended up in a miscarriage. This time, however, we were able to get some answers. We found out that the cause of this miscarriage was due to a chromosome abnormality. The doctor told me that they couldn’t be sure if this was the reason for every miscarriage but I personally believe that it is because I experienced them all the same and also at very similar time of the pregnancy. It was, of course, devastating to find this out but we were happy to finally have some answers.

In January the following year, we went ahead for our last egg collection. They collected 7 eggs but none of them reached the blastocyst stage so going into our final stage of the treatment we only had 2 embryos which could be tested. We sent them for PGT-A regardless and the results were that one was normal but the other one wasn’t and wouldn’t be viable for transfer.

We were given the option to do one more cycle to try and get more embryos in order to have a better possibility of pregnancy but I decided against it. I couldn’t put my body though another IVF round so we just decided to go for this one shot and have the only embryo transferred.

And then a miracle happened because the only blastocyst we had is now our healthy baby boy. It’s been three months since I’ve given birth and we’re still not fully over it. We can’t believe that he’s actually here.

Throughout my pregnancy I was quite anxious. I just wanted to make it though, give birth and have him here with me. At 10 weeks we did actually go for a private scan to check if everything was okay and seeing for the first time the shape of a baby with his heartbeat made it feel more real but I was still very anxious for the rest of the pregnancy. Now I can relax!

I cannot fault the staff at CREATE. They were all amazing, especially our Consultant. The support was amazing. We will forever be grateful to CREATE for this.

We are still in the honeymoon stage with the baby. Obviously it’s hard and we don’t have much of a support system around but being parents is amazing. We are grateful everyday.

IVF is always thought to be only for couples who cannot get pregnant but I really want to highlight that it can also help people with recurrent miscarriage. For us, we had only ever seen one video of a couple who were discussing the same problems we were experiencing so this is why I want to talk about recurrent miscarriage in particular. If there is someone out there experiencing the same problem, there is hope.