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Join Our Free Webinar & Live Doctor Q&A: Tuesday 4th June at 6pm!

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We had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years in total before we heard about CREATE Fertility. During that period, we had two natural pregnancies, but sadly the first ended in an ectopic pregnancy and the second ended in a 2nd trimester miscarriage. After that, we struggled to fall pregnant again. We were heartbroken, and we went for some tests with the NHS to find out more about why it wasn’t happening for us. Unfortunately, the test results that came back didn’t bring us any closer to understanding why we couldn’t conceive, and we were told that there was nothing wrong.

It wasn’t until after another 2 years of trying, that we heard about CREATE Fertility through an article in the paper that a friend had sent over. The article talked about the natural approach to IVF and how it works within a woman’s natural menstrual cycle, focusing on the quality of a woman’s eggs rather than the quantity. This approach made sense to me - it didn’t sound like this horrible drug fuelled journey that people read up on where you collect as many eggs as possible at your body’s expense.

I called CREATE Fertility and they happened to be running an open day that weekend. We went along and decided that it was definitely the right clinic for us: booking in our first appointment straight away.

When we came in for our Initial Consultation and Scan, the doctor actually identified that I had low AMH levels for my age (I was 36 at the time). The doctor explained what this meant, and rather than trying to inflate the success rate to what we wanted to hear, he was very honest and realistic about our chances. It never felt like a sales pitch. He explained that we had around a 30% chance of conceiving and we discussed the best route to take, working with my low AMH, which was the Natural Modified Cycle.

We went for the 3 cycle package which included 3 egg collections and one transfer at the end. Throughout the treatment CREATE worked with my body, giving me low doses of medication, carefully monitoring the growth of my follicles. If I had any questions during the treatment, the doctor would always make the time to answer them and reassure me when I needed it. I felt like the team really cared about me and the outcome, and that they were honest throughout. Every time I came in for an appointment, the receptionists remembered my name and were always so kind and friendly.

For each cycle we retrieved just one egg, but each egg was of high quality and went on to fertilise as 3 A grade embryos. We then went on to have the transfer and I fell pregnant straight away. It really was the most amazing feeling. I couldn’t believe that we fell pregnant on that first attempt after those 5 years of heartbreak.

Life with a baby is just bonkers. It’s hard to even put it into words – she is just everything that we ever hoped that she would be and more. It sounds cheesy, but she really has completed us. I can’t thank CREATE Fertility enough.

I’m so pleased to hear that CREATE are opening up in Oxford, and it’s actually prompted me to have a discussion with my husband about what we are going to do with our other 2 embryos! I think that it can be off-putting for many women and couples thinking about IVF treatment, to have to drive to London for their full treatment. So to hear that you’re opening up a clinic in Oxford, where there really aren’t many options, is great news.

The natural approach is the way forward, and I would recommend it to anyone who is researching into fertility treatment. When I look back, I wish we had have done it sooner really. It wasn’t this horrific drug pumped journey that people read up on about conventional IVF. It just doesn’t need to be that way and CREATE proved that.