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To all those looking for some hope!

I was 41 with high FSH and low AMH (hardly detectable) when I first came to CREATE. After the initial consultation they agreed to take me on and recommended Natural IVF due to my low ovarian reserve. I was only getting two follicles on each side. I had previously been told by three other gynaecologists that my only hope was donor eggs. The first round of IVF it didn’t fertilise and I was devastated. The second attempt was cancelled as no follicles. Third attempt we got one egg and it fertilised. The embryo was transferred but it didn’t stick! Again I was devastated.

We were told to think about donor eggs as the success was much higher and we would run out of money if it kept failing. So we decided to have one more go. Again we had one egg and through ICSI it was fertilised. But I got a bad UTI and went on several antibiotics. We had to make the decision to either go ahead while I was still unwell or freeze the embryo. We went ahead and two weeks later we got a positive result. It was a miracle! That miracle is called Sienna who is currently 13 weeks. All the staff were fantastic. But my message is don’t give up hope!