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This testimonial is long overdue. A healthy bundle of joy keeps you very busy! I cannot thank Prof Nargund enough for giving me the chance of having a baby with my own eggs. With an AMH of 0.44, no other clinic would have considered this. What horrid thoughts of my baby girl not being here and how empty life was before her. However, with the friendly approach and clinical skills of the doctors, nurses and embryologists, the third natural modified cycle achieved two good quality eggs from my three remaining follicles, both fertilised and were put “back where they belong” with me. I’ll never forget those words the doctor said during the embryo transfer. After 14 years of a strong desire to have a baby, with no partner in sight, it felt completely natural to have two tiny embryos inside me. How important it is for the woman and child that women with critically low ovarian reserve are given a chance to use their own eggs by Create, especially when there is already a need for a sperm donor. All the staff at Create Health strike the tricky balance of being professional, yet approachable and relaxed and also what we patients have to learn – the balance between being realistic but positive. We have also had some laughs along the way. I will never forget the tiny being that didn’t grow, but for the sake of my daughter, I will be visiting Create again soon to try for a sibling for her. I’m not phased by doing IVF Create’s way, the more natural way again – knowing many friends who haven’t shared such positive experiences with their clinic, there’s no greater recommendation than that!’

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