IVF treatment with donor sperm

Guide to In Vitro Fertilisation with donor sperm

Who is this treatment suitable for?

IVF treatment with donor sperm is most suitable for couples with a male infertility factor, female same-sex couples and single women.

For more information, visit Treatment with Donor Sperm.

Do you have donor sperm? 

Yes we have our own Sperm Bank with a list of available donors. The donors are anonymous, but we can give you information on their ethnicity, hair and eye colour and occupation. We are happy to work with outside sperm banks if you would prefer. It is also possible to use a known donor.

What is the process of having treatment with donor sperm?

The first stage is to come into the clinic for an initial consultation. This will include an internal scan for the female undergoing the treatment and a consultation with the doctor for her (and her partner if applicable). This appointment allows the doctor to assess the ovaries and womb and determine the best course of treatment. The next stage will be to meet with a nurse at the nurse’s consultation. At this point the patient(s) can discuss which donor sperm is to be used and the nurse can go through our list of sperm donors with you. If you decide to purchase sperm from an external sperm bank this is perfectly fine; however you will have to arrange for the sperm to be couriered to the clinic. The treatment itself is exactly like our other types of IVF: the female patient will take a suitable combination of drugs for several days before having her eggs collected under sedation. These will then be mixed with the donor sperm in the lab before being replaced in the woman’s body a few days later.

If you plan to use a known donor, he will need to go through a series of stages to assess his suitability. It is best to contact us for more details on using a known donor.