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How Natural and Mild IVF in Oxford Sets To Challenge Everything

How Natural and Mild IVF in Oxford Sets To Challenge Everything

Since its inception 40 years ago, IVF has given hope to millions of people with fertility problems. However, IVF can come at a physical and emotional cost to women undergoing treatment.

Conventional IVF involves using stimulation drugs which can cause uncomfortable side effects for women including bloating and nausea, and they can even trigger the potentially life-threatening condition Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

The origins of Natural and Mild IVF

Throughout her career, CREATE Fertility’s founder Professor Geeta Nargund has been committed to finding ways to put women’s wellbeing at the heart of IVF treatment: to make it as safe and successful as possible, with minimal side effects. Professor Nargund has pioneered a less invasive form of IVF that is safer for mothers and results in healthier babies: Natural and Mild IVF.

How does Natural and Mild IVF work?

Natural and Mild IVF uses a tailored approach for each patient and relies on fewer stimulation drugs or none at all in pure Natural IVF. The focus is on collecting good quality eggs as opposed to trying to extract as many eggs as possible.

Natural IVF involves the collection of one egg, naturally selected by the body for ovulation, without the need for any fertility drugs. Using a naturally selected, high quality egg greatly increases the likelihood of producing a high-quality embryo.

Mild stimulation IVF uses fewer fertility drugs over 5-9 days with the aim to achieve a mild response, to stimulate ovulation for a small number of high quality eggs. By using fewer drugs, the risk of side effects, such as OHSS, are considerably reduced. The reduced level of drugs also makes Natural and Mild treatments shorter for patients who otherwise may not have been able to fit treatment within their lives.

Affordable, safer and successful

Critically, CREATE’s pioneering use of Natural and Mild IVF sees the clinic achieve success rates which are higher than the national average, while still putting the health of woman and child first. These independent figures recorded by industry regulator HFEA illustrate CREATE’s success rates in the national context.

You can read more about CREATE’s success rates here.

What this means for Oxford IVF patients?

In short, access to gentler, safer and more affordable IVF treatments.

CREATE Fertility is the only fertility dedicated to Natural and Mild IVF treatments for women in Oxford, being open to both NHS funded and private patients.

For too long, conventional IVF was all that was available for patients in Oxford and too many women were forced to travel across the UK in search of alternative treatments. The opening of our Oxford clinic brings local women and couples more choice and access to the very latest screening techniques and safer, low drug fertility treatments. 

If you are researching into fertility clinics in Oxford and you are looking for successful IVF that involves fewer side-effects, our patient support team are here to help you.

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