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Intra Uterine Insemination | IUI

IUI is the least invasive form of fertility treatment and is perfect for women who have good egg reserve and open fallopian tubes. It is particularly appropriate for single women and same sex couples.

IUI can be carried out within a woman’s natural menstrual cycle and, unlike conventional IVF, without the need for harsh medication or invasive procedures. It is safe and affordable making it an excellent option for many women.

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What is IUI?

IUI involves directly inserting specially washed sperm into a woman’s womb at the most fertile point in her menstrual cycle. Doctors use hormone blood tests and monitoring scans to keep track of the cycle and pinpoint the time at which ovulation occurs, then they introduce the sperm into the uterus in a simple non-invasive theatre procedure.

The IUI treatment can occur during the natural cycle or, if required, a woman’s ovulation can be stimulated with an injection of human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) to induce the release of eggs.

There is no egg collection involved in IUI, and the procedure is usually easy and pain free.

Sperm and egg

The IUI process

Initial consultation & scan

The first step is for you to come in for an Initial Consultation & scan where a Consultant will assess you and devise a personalised treatment plan which will give you the best chance of success. You will also be offered counselling support.

Treatment consultation

2 weeks before the start of your period you will come in to meet with a fertility nurse who will talk you through your treatment plan and go through the consent forms with you.

Scans & blood tests

You will have 2 or 3 monitoring scans to monitor the growth of your follicles and track ovulation. 

Sperm preparation

Once the time is right to perform the IUI, the sperm sample will be washed and prepared before the procedure.


Just as you have ovulated, the sperm will be introduced into the uterus through a thin catheter.

Pregnancy test

We will invite you back to the clinic for a pregnancy blood test and give you the test results by the end of the day.

What are the benefits of IUI?

Good for single women & lesbian couples
Good for single women & lesbian couples

For those with a good egg reserve, IUI is a cheaper and less invasive option.


The lack of fertility drugs and medical procedures means that IUI is the safest form of fertility treatment and avoids the potential side effects that come with some forms of IVF.


IUI is the most affordable form of assisted reproduction treatment. 


There is no egg collection involved in IUI, meaning that there is no invasive procedure and sedation is not required.

Who is IUI suitable for?

IUI is ideal for women who have a good ovarian reserve and open fallopian tubes. Hence, it is often most used by same-sex couples and single women, who need only donor sperm to conceive.

It is important to note that IUI does not have high success rates compared to IVF, so it may not be the best option for many patients. Your individual situation will need to be assessed so that we can ascertain whether IUI is a good option for you.

IUI costs £795*

Our treatment package includes:

  • Monitoring scans
  • Sperm preparation
  • Insemination procedure
  • Clinical advice
  • Early pregnancy scan
*Does not include HFEA fee or donor sperm. Complete price breakdown is given after the Initial Consultation and Scan.

The cost of IUI treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and your personalised treatment plan will be explained to you in more detail at your Initial Consultation, if you wish to find out more please download our price guide or give us a call.

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