The difference between Mild & Natural Modified IVF

The difference between Mild & Natural Modified IVF

Many people have asked us for a simple explanation of the difference between these two particular treatments. Obviously we do tailor your treatments specifically to your requirements, however here is a brief summary:

Mild IVF

Is a form of stimulated IVF where fewer doses of hormones (injections or tablets) are given for a shorter period (5-9 days) in a woman’s own natural cycle with an aim to collect between 2-7 eggs. It is aimed at “quality and not quantity” of eggs and embryos.

Modified Natural Cycle IVF

Is a form of natural cycle IVF where medication is given for 3-4 days to block spontaneous ovulation and a small dose of stimulation hormone is also given in order to keep the follicles healthy and growing. The start day for medication can vary depending on woman’s cycle length and growth and number of follicles. We can collect more than one egg from this cycle. In women who do not want to take injections or stimulation hormone, we can give tablets to reduce the risk of spontaneous ovulation. The eggs are from natural selection and the lining of womb can be healthier in natural/modified cycle for implantation.