Mother’s age of menopause predicts egg reserve and fertility


This scientific article from Denmark confirms the fact that your mother’s age of menopause is the most important genetic factor in determining your egg reserve and age of menopause. “If there is a family history of early menopause, it is useful to get your egg reserve and fertility checked without delay” says our Medical Director Geeta Nargund. If you have low egg reserve as assessed by antral follicle count (AFC) on ultrasound and AMH levels and you want to delay having children, you may consider freezing your eggs for the future. With the latest ultrasound technology using Doppler, we can assess the blood flow within your ovaries which helps to give qualitative information about your ovaries and eggs.

With an advanced freezing method called vitrification, success following freezing of eggs has significantly increased. Mild stimulation cycles can help to reduce your physical, financial and emotional burden of having a cycle and to obtain better quality eggs without forced  unphysiological high stimulation protocols.

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Read the full scientific paper Mother’s age of menopause and ovarian reserve

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