Free IVF through egg sharing

Free IVF is available for women willing to share their eggs.

CREATE Fertility offers a free IVF cycle for women under 36 years if they are willing to share their eggs to help women who cannot produce eggs. The IVF cycle is carried out exactly the same as paid cycles, however, half of the eggs collected are given to an egg recipient who pays for the majority of your treatment.

To become an egg sharer the following criteria apply:

  • Less than 35 years old (below 36th birthday)
  • No personal history or family history of genetic or familial illness
  • BMI of less than 30
  • FSH level less than 8
  • Two ovaries
  • No history of previous low ovarian response to stimulation.
  • No more than 2 previous unsuccessful IVF attempts

Please click here for details of our Egg Sharing Programme.

The Free IVF Procedure

The egg sharing process is very similar to that of Mild IVF treatment.

  1. Initial consultation

The first visit at the clinic will be for an initial consultation and scan with one of our consultants. After the comprehensive scan, the doctor will discuss your results and your suitability for free IVF. If you are eligible, they will also devise a treatment plan tailored to your personal situation.

  1. Treatment consultation

If you decide to go ahead with egg sharing, your second visit at CREATE will be for a treatment consultation with a fertility nurse. During this appointment the nurse will talk through each stage of your treatment, give and explain your medication to you as well as teach you how to take it. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

  1. Book scans

You will then call the clinic on the first day of your cycle (first day of full period flow) and book your first scan. The doctor will advise when this first scan will take place and there will also be around two or three more scans to follow, usually performed every other day.

  1. Egg collection

The next step is egg collection, usually around day 12. Half of the eggs collected during the procedure will be given to your recipient and the eggs that have been allocated to you will be fertilised in the laboratory.

  1. Embryo transfer

Lastly, any fertilised embryos, will be transferred a few days after egg collection.

If you get pregnant, you will get an expert early pregnancy scan for free.

Please attend a free open evening at your local clinic or call us on 03332407300 for further information.