IVF segmentation

Segmentation in IVF is when the egg collection and embryo transfer occur in two separate cycles. This enables you to recover between the initial cycle of treatment and the implantation of the embryos.

You will firstly have a round of Mild IVF. This will involve 5-9 days of medication and regular scans/blood tests before you undergo egg collection. The eggs will then be fertilised and any resulting embryos will be frozen. When you are ready for the embryos to be put back, you will come back to the clinic for a Natural cycle with no stimulating drugs. You will be monitored closely and given medication to make your uterus receptive for implantation before you have the embryo transfer.

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How is Segmented IVF different?

In conventional IVF, the woman’s cycle is shut down into effectively a temporary menopausal state before she is given higher dose stimulating drugs to ripen multiple eggs. In this method, daily injections are given for 3-4 weeks. Up to a maximum of three embryos (between 1-3) resulting from egg collection and fertilisation are then put back into the womb within the same cycle, while any spare embryos suitable for freezing are frozen. Mild IVF on the other hand only includes 5-9 days of lower dose stimulating drugs in a woman’s natural cycle without making her menopausal. In segmentation of mild IVF cycle, the embryos are put back in a separate Natural cycle.

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Why choose CREATE Fertility?

Better implantation
Better implantation
Better implantation

By minimising stimulation and putting embryos back in a separate natural cycle, the environment of the uterus is more favourable for implantation.

Fewer side effects
Fewer side effects

Our approach to IVF treatment uses fewer drugs which can greatly reduce the side-effects and complications of IVF.

Less stressful
Less stressful

By separating the egg collection and embryo transfer we are giving you a chance to recover and recoup before coming back for the completion of treatment.

Healthier for babies
Healthier for babies

Babies born after transfer in a natural cycle have a statistically significant higher birth weight than babies conceived from embryos transferred within a highly stimulated cycle.

I would be happy to recommend CREATE to anyone

'I would be happy to recommend CREATE to anyone'

I would also be happy to recommend CREATE to anyone who has had the same challenges as us getting pregnant. We would like to thank all the staff for their part in helping us to achieve our dream outcome.
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