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Female fertility test

Our Advanced Ultrasound Scan is the foundation of our approach. We have pioneered the use of ultrasound to provide a detailed and accurate insight into fertility, negating the need for more invasive testing or repeat visits.

Our Director of Ultrasound, Professors Stuart Campbell is a world renowned expert in the ultrasound and reproductive medicine.

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Our female fertility health check takes just one hour and costs only £275

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What to expect

The fertility scan is internal and takes around 20-30 minutes. It can be performed at any time in the menstrual cycle.

The clinician will assess your ovarian reserve by looking at the antral follicle count and ovary volume. They will also check how healthy your uterus, ovaries and follicles are by examining the blood flow to each of them. Finally, the clinician will make sure that any problems that may affect your fertility such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids and polyps are identified.

The results will be available immediately after the scan, and the clinician will go through these with you in the consultation part of your fertility check. If they feel that you would benefit from further investigative fertility tests they will recommend these to you.  If you would like to check your tubal patency, we also offer HyCosy at the clinic.

We also check:

  • Height & Weight - This is to check your BMI as being underweight or overweight could be affecting your fertility. 
  • Medical History - Note any existing medical conditions, including your gynaecological history, and explore any known problems that could be relevant.

Check your BMI 

Who is suitable for the Female Fertility Test?

The Female Fertility Test is designed for women that just want a fertility check and at most get some advice on optimising their chances of natural conception.

If you have already had fertility treatment or are seeking fertility treatment, an Initial Consultation and Scan is more suitable. This is because the purpose of an Initial Consultation and Scan is to develop a treatment protocol for you. This is not included in the Female Fertility Test.

What is the benefit of an advanced fertility ultrasound scan?

Egg reserve
Egg reserve
Egg reserve

Egg reserves can be assessed more accurately and qualitatively. This gives information about your biological clock and fertility status.

Blood flow
Blood flow

Blood flow to ovaries and follicles can be checked with colour and power Doppler and gives indirect information about the quality of eggs.


We can also check blood flow to the uterus and lining of womb - good blood flow aids better implantation

Polyps & fibroids
Polyps & fibroids

We can identify any polyps, fibroids or any other factors affecting implantation and causing miscarriage.

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