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Thank you for showing an interest in becoming a donor. Choosing to become a sperm donor is a very noble and worthwhile thing to do; you will be helping another person or couple to start a family. Many donors feel very positive about being able to give this gift to another person or couple.  There are many aspects to consider and we outline some of the main points around donation on this page.

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Donor criteria:

There are strict criteria that must be met before a person can be considered for sperm donation. If you meet the basic critera, there is a process which you must go through to ascertain whether you are suitable for sperm donation. Here is an outline of the basic criteria:

  • Aged between 18 and 41 years
  • Fit and healthy
  • No known inheritable diseases in the family
  • Willing to have a general medical appointment (approximately 15 minutes) and blood tests at our clinic

Please note we cannot accept donors from if they or their family has any serious medical condition or genetic disease or donors from high-risk groups such as: drug users, haemophiliacs (treated with blood products), residents from high-risk areas such as Central Africa and men who are or ever have been sexually involved with members (male or female) of these groups.

Legal considerations and responsibility

Sperm Donation is anonymous towards the recipients in the UK, which means that the couple or woman using the sperm will not know the identity of the donor. However, there is a different rule for donor-conceived children. It has been shown it is important for some donor-conceived people to find out more about their genetic origins, and the Government has therefore changed the law to allow donor-conceived children to access identifying information about the donor used to conceive them. They are able to access this information at the age of 18, though there are additional circumstances where some information can be accessed from the age of 16.

It is important to remember that if you are accepted as a donor, you will not be legally responsible for any children created with your donated sperm. The legal responsibility will lie with the person/couple that have used the sperm to conceive a child.

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