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  • Natural & Mild IVF comes to Oxford

    19 September 2018

    CREATE Fertility will be the first dedicated ‘Natural and Mild IVF’ providers in Oxfordshire.

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  • LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders

    17 September 2018

    Prof. Geeta Nargund & Praful Nargund nominated in the LDC Top 50 Business Leaders

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  • IVF mothers and babies' 'urgent need' for health-check database

    16 September 2018

    Babies born through IVF and their mothers may be suffering a raft of health problems but nobody is aware because they are not being monitored says Professor Geeta Nargund.

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  • Women are being put at risk by clinics harvesting more than 50 eggs a year in exchange for free treatment

    12 August 2018

    The data, released in response to a series of questions submitted by Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh, will form part of a new parliamentary campaign to protect the health of women and unborn babies.

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  • Should Egg Freezing be free on the NHS?

    08 August 2018

    Professor Geeta Nargund debates on the Victoria Derbyshire show why Egg Freezing should be funded by the NHS for women between 30-35.

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  • Call to do more to protect IVF patients

    06 August 2018

    40 years since the birth of the first IVF baby, campaigners say some women are being put at unacceptable risk because of the complications that can result from IVF drugs.

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  • IVF expert says we must let women freeze their eggs for free on the NHS

    05 August 2018

    Professor Geeta Nargund today calls on the NHS to provide free egg freezing for childless women in a ‘revolutionary’ plan to avert Britain’s looming fertility crisis.

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  • Most Young People Have No Idea When Fertility Begins To Decline

    02 August 2018

    Everyone agrees they should start trying for a baby before it gets hard. But, as shown by a recent survey, no one knows when that is.

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  • IVF provisions on the NHS in Bristol

    25 July 2018

    Professor Geeta Nargund discusses NHS IVF provisions in Bristol and the importance of a national tariff.

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