Transferring IVF NHS Funding To CREATE

NHS Funding for IVF

If you are eligible for funding on the NHS for fertility treatment, you could have it transferred to a CREATE Fertility clinic.

CCG Eligibility

Eligibility for funding is based on specific criteria set by your CCG (Clinical Commission Group). The criteria often take into account issues such as your age, weight previous children as well as other criterion. It is important to remember that each CCG sets its own funding criteria and that it can vary widely from one to another. If you do not meet their requirements for funding, you will be unable to get NHS funding for fertility treatment.

What You Need To Do

To apply for funding from you CCG you must contact the medical secretary or the practice manager at your local GP and request them to apply for funding at your local CCG on your behalf. It is advised that you first contact us and get a breakdown of costs for treatment at CREATE Fertility. Doing this will enable you to include the breakdown of costs in your letter to the CCG.
Your local CCG may not always automatically know what is and what isn’t included in a type of fertility treatment and it is important to get explicit authorisation for each element, to ensure that they will fund the full treatment. In the event that the CCG chooses not to fund all elements, then you will have to meet some of the costs.

To find your local CCG follow this link and type Clinical Commission Group in the find box.

CCG Response

Once the CCG has reviewed your claim they will provide a written response to you detailing the amount they are willing to fund. In some cases they state a figure and in others the number of treatments they are willing to pay for. You must confirm with them if they are able to fund blood tests and medication as some occasions this is not covered in their costs.

If You Are Eligible

If you are eligible for funding please provide the letter of evidence to our admin staff who will then organise your treatment process for you. For elements covered by the CCG, we will organise payment directly with them.