Say 'no' to expensive and unproven add-ons in IVF


Isabella Lafferty is a bright and articulate 37-year-old chartered accountant. Yet five years ago she found herself being talked into paying thousands of pounds for unproven fertility treatments.

‘When you’re going through IVF, you’re vulnerable, desperate and you’d cut your leg off if your doctor told you to,’ says Isabella, who lives in London. ‘You’re so emotionally involved you simply don’t care what it costs which is why fertility doctors have an immense amount of responsibility.’

Yesterday it was revealed that some NHS hospitals were charging up to 40 per cent over the odds for private IVF treatment. And in another study researchers from Oxford University found that almost all of the additional treatments that are sold alongside IVF to boost its success have no scientific backing and the results were published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). 


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