Nottingham patients to receive pioneering IVF at our new Birmingham fertility clinic


A new Fertility Clinic opening in Birmingham is set to bring Natural and Mild IVF to the Midlands. CREATE Fertility is the first dedicated Natural and Mild IVF clinic in the Midlands, and means that patients from Nottingham and the surrounding areas will be able to opt for a different, more patient-friendly form of IVF.

Natural IVF is a form of treatment whereby the natural menstrual cycle is monitored and the leading follicle tracked until it reaches an optimum size. At this point this egg, which has been naturally selected by the body, is collected. This treatment therefore does not require any stimulating drugs. This means that the side effects of treatment are greatly diminished, and that the resulting embryo can be put back into a healthy drug-free uterus.

A slightly more medicated form of treatment is Natural Modified IVF. This follows the same principles as Natural IVF, but includes a small amount of low-dose stimulating drugs to keep the follicles healthy and growing.

CREATE Fertility also offers Mild IVF. This involves 5-9 days worth of stimulating drugs, which is much less than conventional IVF’s 3-4 weeks of drugs. Again it focusses on the quality rather than the quantity of eggs, and aims to collect only the highest quality eggs in the cycle.

The benefits of these types of treatments are clear. They are much shorter than conventional IVF, taking around 2 weeks rather than the usual month or more. They also involve far fewer drugs, which means that the side effects of treatment are reduced. Embryos are put back into more healthy uterus, and babies born tend to be of a higher birth weight. This treatment is therefore better for women and better for babies.

The new Birmingham Fertility Clinic is located on near Junction 6 of the M42 and near Junction 4 of the M6, which makes it easily accessible for patients from Nottingham and the surrounding areas. It is is staffed by top doctors, nurses and embryologists who are committed to improving access to Natural and Mild IVF for Nottingham patients. The clinic will open for consultations and scans from mid-February, with full services commencing in early Spring. Contact us today to book an appointment and to find out more information.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Birmingham clinic, call us on 03332407300 or book onto one of our open evenings

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