Low-AMH patients to receive specialist IVF care in the Midlands


Our new Midlands Fertility Clinic is opening and will offer specialist IVF treatment to those with low ovarian reserve, low AMH and high FSH. For the first time, patients from the Midlands will have local access to a dedicated Natural and Mild IVF clinic.

CREATE Fertility are the pioneers of Natural and Mild IVF. These treatments utilise either no stimulation or reduced stimulation. We are able to treat women with low ovarian reserve (low egg count), because we are focused on a small number of eggs, unlike other IVF clinics.

Our approach is to collect a small number of high quality eggs, in order to increase the chance of producing high quality embryos. This means that we are able to treat many women and couples who have been turned away elsewhere because they are unsuitable for conventional IVF with their own eggs.

The fact that women with low-AMH should take FEWER stimulating drugs may seem counter-intuitive at first, and is not the approach taken by some other IVF clinics. However, at CREATE Fertility we have consistently achieved success for women with low ovarian reserve with this approach.

Women are born with all the follicles (immature eggs) that they are ever going to have and these decrease and accumulate mutations over time. Follicles therefore cannot be created from nowhere, and high doses of stimulating drugs will not create new follicles but simply encourage existing follicles to grow. Some of the smaller follicles in older women may not be the most suitable and if they are collected, many do not fertilise or create chromosomally abnormal embryos. It is therefore better to focus on a fewer number of higher quality follicles.

Patients can be treated at CREATE Fertility up to the age of 50 and there are no selection criteria for AMH results or any other medical factor. CREATE Fertility makes a policy of not selecting patients or turning people away as we believe in giving every woman a chance to have a baby. The new CREATE Fertility clinic is opening in Birmingham and will provide IVF treatment, consultations, diagnosis and other fertility services to patients from around the Midlands. It will open for consultations and scans from mid-February, with full services commencing in early Spring. Contact us today to book an appointment and to find out more information.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Birmingham clinic, call us on 03332407300 or book onto one of our open evening https://www.createhealth.org/open-days-and-evenings.

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