Male Infertility

Male infertility can be the sole cause in around 30% of infertile couples. Here we break the silence surrounding male infertility and discuss how to better support men.

How to choose the best fertility clinic

Your fertility clinic will have a big impact on your overall experience during fertility treatment. Here is what you should consider when choosing the best fertility clinic for you.

Unnecessary add-ons in IVF treatment

We are pleased BBC Panorama brought to light the use of unnecessary, unproven procedures in fertility clinics. CREATE Fertility and Professor Nargund have been campaigning against the use of necessary drugs and add-ons and are calling for more regulation.

Christmas and New Year opening hours

Our Christmas and New Year opening hours and laboratory maintenance information for 2016.

Free information evening in Redhill

We are holding regional information evenings for potential patients. The next is in Redhill and welcomes women and couples from Surrey, Kent and Sussex seeking fertility treatment.

'When I was 33, I was no longer in a position to have children... I decided to go ahead with freezing my eggs'

After coming out of a relationship at the age of 33, it was important for Phillipa to know that she did everything possible to have kids in the future.

'I had thought about egg freezing for a few years, partly because I am 32 and the reality is that my biological clock is ticking.'

Lydia, a 32 year old woman, explains her decision to freeze her eggs and how she fit the procedure in with her busy lifestyle.

Isabella shares her experience with CREATE’s Natural IVF treatment

Prof. Geeta Nargund, pioneer of Natural and Mild IVF, explains the advantages of natural approaches to IVF in comparison with conventional IVF.

IVF Patient Journey – The Treatment Consultation

Professor Geeta Nargund explains what to expect from your treatment consultation at CREATE.

IVF Patient Journey – The Initial Consultation

Professor Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at CREATE Fertility and pioneer in the field of Natural and Mild IVF, explains what will happen at your first visit to CREATE.

Low cost IVF

We can offer cheaper, low cost IVF treatment in partnership with the Walking Egg Foundation.

Dr Gurpreet Singh Kalra wins 'Clinician of the Year'

We are pleased to share that Dr Gurpreet Singh Kalra, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine at our Bristol clinic, has been awarded ‘Clinician of the Year’ at the ABMU Chairman’s Values into Practice Awards.

Natural-modified IVF helped Rachel, a patient recovering from breast cancer, have a baby safely

Rachel describes her IVF journey and having a baby with CREATE

Upcoming ISMAAR and ISIV Symposium

Professor Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at CREATE and President of ISMAAR, will be speaking at the ‘Developing optimal stimulation strategies for fresh IVF/ET cycles, oocyte donation and oocyte freezing cycles’ symposium.

“We were told that IVF wasn’t going to work for us … I now have an amazing little girl.”

After trying for for a baby for 6 years, Sam and Russell were referred to CREATE and now they have an amazing little girl.

"CREATE have enabled me to achieve success despite the probability being so low due to my ovarian reserve."

6 years later with one or two failed IVF cycles per year and coming close to giving up on conceiving, Suki discovered CREATE and now she is pregnant.

'Motherless babies? That's the stuff of science fiction and it should stay there' comments Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at CREATE

Motherless babies? That's the stuff of science fiction - and it should stay there.

IUI opens up a new chapter for lesbian couple by helping them start their family.

Keisha and Sabrina explain how IUI opened a new chapter for them.

“I was looked at as a whole person and the suggested treatment tailored to me and my body.”

Beth, a single woman with PCOS, talks about her tailored mild IVF treatment.

“Our treatment was very smooth and it was all very well explained; we were never unsure of the next step.”

Asha and Laura explain their treatment journey with CREATE.

Having a baby with your same-sex partner

For same-sex couples wishing to become parents, there are more options available than ever before. Advances in technology along with knowledge of fertility treatment becoming more widespread means that it is becoming increasingly common for same-sex female couples to turn to IVF clinics to help them start a family.

New study supports the use of natural IVF for healthy babies

A new study has added to a growing body of evidence that natural IVF results in healthier babies with higher average birth rates than babies born through conventional IVF treatment.

Donor sperm fertility treatment helps female couple create their dream family

A female couple describe their IVF treatment journey together at CREATE. Having had three daughters over three years of treatment with the same sperm donor, the couple highlight what to expect when choosing donor sperm.

The IVF 100m hurdle race

Jessica Hepburn, author of The Pursuit of Motherhood and Fertility Fest founder, outlines the key stages of the IVF treatment process and what to expect.

“It’s amazing what CREATE does, you change the lives of people forever.”

Patient experience: Jane describes her and her husband’s IVF treatment with CREATE Fertility, following her PCOS diagnosis. They now have twins thanks to Mild IVF.

"I needed to have a bond with all those involved in my treatment and I experienced that with CREATE."

Patient story: Single mum, Amanda, shares her CREATE experience and describes her egg donation treatment at IVI Madrid.

"I felt so content with my decision to go solo as soon as I made it and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a mum today."

Fertility treatment can be a daunting prospect, especially if you're planning on going it alone. Single mum, Celine, describes her experience and life with her baby daughter.

Professor Nargund launches fertility education pilot in South London school

Create Health Foundation, led by Professor Geeta Nargund, has launched a pioneering fertility education course in a South London school. The course covers a range of fertility issues and aims to provide young people with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding their future.

CREATE patient speaks out about the dangers of high stimulation IVF drugs

One of the main challenges facing the mainstream fertility industry is that of safety. A CREATE patient has spoken out in The Guardian about her experience of suffering a heart attack while taking high stimulation fertility drugs at a conventional fertility clinic.

Thank you for designing an excellent protocol for us

My husband and I started our first Mild IVF cycle at St. Paul’s in the beginning of February and have just had a fresh embryo transfer. We wanted to pause and say thank you at this stage for designing an excellent protocol for us.

'CREATE made IVF a joyful process'- one patient's story

'CREATE Fertility completely took the stress out of IVF and made the experience a joyful one rather than like the "hell" which I experienced at other IVF clinics, prior to coming to you.'

12 FAQs about egg freezing

There remains much confusion and misinformation surrounding egg freezing, what it involves and what the likely outcomes are. CREATE Medical Director Professor Geeta Nargund addresses some of these as she answers 12 frequently asked questions about egg freezing.

Success for latest egg freezing technology despite scaremongering headlines

There have been a number of headlines disparaging egg freezing recently, and suggesting that it is not a viable option for women. However, much of the information that these are based on comes from old data. Our Medical Director explores the truth behind the headlines.

Women can invest in their reproductive future by freezing their eggs

Women are leaving having children later in life, and the age of maternity has been increasing in recent years. Professor Geeta Nargund explores the ramifications of this and the fertility preservation options for young women in her insightful article.

Egg freezing and gender equality: How egg freezing gives women more choice

Although women can prevent unwanted pregnancy, women can't decide when the end of their of their reproductive years will fall. Egg freezing may be the answer to this discrepancy, allowing women to preserve their fertility until a time of their choosing.

10 things you should know about IVF

What should you know about IVF before you embark on treatment? We explore this question here.

Carla's story: 'We will definitely be coming back to CREATE!'

Undergoing IVF can be a roller-coaster experience, but can also be a rewarding one once you find the treatment that’s right for you. Carla, a businesswoman from London, tells her IVF story.

Reproductive Immunology – What is the truth about Natural Killer cells?

High rates of Natural Killer cells are reputed to lead to higher rates of miscarriage when their levels are too high. Are Natural Killer Cells really the key to understanding miscarriage or have they been used as a scapegoat?

The baby-making of the future

Advances in the world of IVF mean that new ways of making babies are arising all the time. We outline some of the newest technologies and the directions they are moving in.

Designer babies and IVF: dispelling the sci-fi myths

‘Designer babies’ have been the stuff of science fiction for decades. Are we in fact any closer to a world of pre-designed babies or do these remain a thing of sci-fi legend?

Nottingham patients to receive pioneering IVF at our new Birmingham fertility clinic

Learn about our new Fertility Clinic opening in the Midlands, which is set to bring Natural and Mild IVF to Nottingham patients. Book an appointment now!

Our new IVF clinic hopes to offer exceptional patient care in the Midlands

Learn about our new Fertility Clinic opening in the Midlands. Book a consultation now.

Fertility clinic opening in Birmingham

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Birmingham Fertility Clinic. The new clinic is conveniently located near Birmingham and is accessible to patients from across the Midlands.

New fertility clinic offering Natural IVF to Leicester patients

Our new Fertility Clinic in the Midlands is now offering IVF treatment to patients from Leicester. CREATE Fertility is located near Junction 6 of the M42 and is near to the M6, meaning that patients from Leicester can access the Fertility Clinic in under an hour.

Low-AMH patients to receive specialist IVF care in the Midlands

Our new Midlands Fertility Clinic is opening and will offer specialist IVF treatment to those with low ovarian reserve, low AMH and high FSH. For the first time, patients from the Midlands will have local access to a dedicated Natural and Mild IVF clinic.