Safeguarding the health and safety of women


At CREATE Fertility, our focus is on making IVF as safe as possible and that we protect both mother and child from long term consequences of fertility treatment. This commitment is part of the reason why we focus on more natural and mild IVF treatments, in order to safeguard the the short and long term health of mothers, women and the children born from fertility treatment.

A recent review of UK data has found that women undergoing IVF treatment are a third more likely to develop ovarian cancer. The researchers said that it is most likely that this increased risk is because of the underlying nature of the women seeking fertility treatments. Nonetheless, as our Medical Director Professor Geeta Nargund says, the results should encourage caution:

"IVF should be used only when it is really needed. What we do not want is our interventions to put women’s health at risk. We should be moving towards milder stimulation and fewer drugs in IVF.The causative factors at the moment are not clear – but until they are we should support cancer screening on the NHS."



CREATE Fertility is a supporter of ovarian cancer screening and our Director of Ultrasound Professor Stuart Campbell is a key member of the UK ovarian cancer screening programme.

We also have a longstanding commitment to campaigning to get the HFEA to collect more detail of drugs and dosages, so that we can better track the long-term consequences of fertility treatment.


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