National tariff for NHS IVF


Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund, is calling for a National Tariff for NHS IVF to be introduced, as covered by the BBC. Funding for fertility treatment varies across the UK, which has resulted in a 'postcode lottery'. In some areas, patients can access the the recommended 3 cycles of treatment, whilst in others, there may be no IVF provision at all.

Part of the reason for this variation is that the price for given to local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) is different in different areas. Indeed, an investigation by the campaigning group Fertility Fairness, found that the price of IVF given to CCGs in 2014 varied anywhere between £2900 to £6000. This huge variation is unacceptable.

A National Tariff essentially puts a maximum price on IVF funded on the NHS, and would therefore reduce this price distortion and allow more cycles to be funded. It is not uncommon, other areas with tariffs include hip and heart operations. 

CREATE Fertility has a long-term commitment to reducing the cost of IVF and we are active supporters of the new low-cost IVF technology trialed in Belgium. We have also communicated to CCGs about the potential to reduce the cost of IVF.

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