High stimulation reduces IVF success


A new and powerful study, led by Valerie Baker from Stanford University in the US, has shown that giving increasing the dose of stimulation in IVF actually reduces the chance of success.

Our Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund has commented on the study:

"This is the largest and most robust study showing that success rates decrease with increasing dose of ovarian stimulation in IVF. There is already a large body of evidence that milder stimulation is associated with less risk and discomfort for the woman and also healthier eggs and embryos compared to conventional high stimulation treatment. This study now proves that success rates are also adversely affected by high stimulation. There seems little reason for clinics to continue with high stimulation currently used in many clinics in the UK,especially when it significantly increases the cost to patients and the NHS."

CREATE Fertility has been committed to more mild forms of IVF and has pioneered Natural and Mild IVF in the UK.


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