Fertility: Know your options


Professor Geeta Nargund writes for Baby World’s website.

36 years after the first IVF baby was born using natural IVF, Dr Geeta Nargund explains to babyworlds’ prospective parents the importance of researching your fertility treatment options, as too many women and couples let the internet decide their fertility path.

For the thousands of couples who face problems conceiving, deciding on fertility treatment can be a perplexing process. This is made more difficult through a critical lack of readily available or credible information on the range of options that exist for treatment. Women are too often given one-sided advice that does not deal with their needs on an individual basis, and assumes traditional IVF procedures to be the only solution. The number of patients I have found to be seeking natural and mild IVF as a first choice is growing, but it is essential to ensure that natural and mild IVF options are made apparent to all those considering IVF treatment, as it offers prospective parents a safer, healthier, cheaper and less invasive method.

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