Don’t underestimate your fertility in later life


Professor Nargund comments on an article in the Daily Mail.

She says that while, in general, women’s chances of conceiving fall sharply in their 40s, they should continue to take precautions if they want to prevent pregnancy.

“No one should underestimate how devastating it is to find yourself pregnant in mid-life, feeling abortion is your only option. The guilt and heartache can haunt you for the rest of your days”

‘Women with a healthy lifestyle, good fertility history in the family, optimal body weight and good general health can have better fertility for their age compared to those with a poor lifestyle and a family history of early menopause,’ she says.

‘I have known women aged 47 conceive using their own eggs, so if you want to avoid getting pregnant, it’s important to use effective contraception until after the menopause.’

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