The advantages and disadvantages of IVF

Since IVF was pioneered by Sir Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe in 1978, IVF has helped thousands and thousands of people become parents. Here we outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of IVF.

A frozen egg, the perfect 30th birthday gift for women

Sally Peck of The Telegraph interviews Professor Geeta Nargund on egg freezing. You can read the interview here.

Bank of Mum and Dad funding egg freezing

Professor Geeta Nargund has been mentioned in The Telegraph’s story on parents providing financial help to their daughters for egg freezing. You can read the full story here.

Egg freezing – 12 Frequently Asked Questions, answered

Professor Geeta Nargund answers 12 frequently asked questions about egg freezing for the Huffington Post. You can read it here

The IVF postcode lottery that is stopping women from becoming Mums

Professor Geeta Nargund has been quoted in the Daily Mail regarding the cost of fertility treatment and the options available to people needing treatment. You can read the full story here.

Should I freeze my eggs? – Red Online

Widespread discussion has taken place after it was announced that some world famous technology companies will be offering to pay female staff to preserve their fertility by freezing their eggs.

Should you freeze your eggs?

Our St Paul’s European Centre of Excellence Fertility Clinic in London was featured on Sky New’s coverage of employers paying for women to have their eggs frozen should they chose to.

Everything you need to know about sperm

Our Medical Director Professor Geeta Nargund answered questions for the Huffington Post about sperm and causes of male infertility. You can read the full post by following this link.

IVF step by step process (from the woman’s perspective)

IVF as a treatment for couples struggling to conceive was developed in the 1970s. The pioneer of this technique was Sir Robert Edwards. His successful technique led to the birth of Louise in 1978. We take you through the various steps involved in this revolutionary treatment.

CREATE Fertility – Sunday Times | St Paul’s launch featured

This September will see CREATE Fertility launch the European Centre of Excellence for Natural and Mild IVF at St. Paul’s London.

PS… I’ve referred 3 people to you

A testimonial from one of our patients about her experience at CREATE Fertility.

I was told I couldn’t conceive – I am now a mother thanks to CREATE

We would like to thank the team at CREATE Fertility from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream of becoming parents to a beautiful boy come true.

The new baby boom

Our Medical Director – Professor Geeta Nargund was quoted in the Financial Times regarding women’s choices to both a career and parenthood. Read the full article here.

How to research your fertility treatment

36 years after the first IVF baby was born using natural IVF, Dr Geeta Nargund was asked by Babyworld to explain to prospective parents the importance of researching fertility treatment

Fertility: Know your options

Professor Geeta Nargund writes for Baby World’s website. 36 years after the first IVF baby was born using natural IVF, Dr Geeta Nargund explains to babyworlds’ prospective parents the importance of researching your fertility.

Don’t underestimate your fertility in later life

Professor Nargund comments on an article in the Daily Mail. She says that while, in general, women’s chances of conceiving fall sharply in their 40s, they should continue to take precautions if they don't want to fall pregnant.

Thank you for your professionalism!

“We had a very pleasant experience from the get go, staff very accommodating. Explained everything in detail and had the same professionals assisting us from start to finish."

Single Woman, AMH of 0.44 has a baby with own eggs

This testimonial is long overdue. A healthy bundle of joy keeps you very busy! I cannot thank Prof Nargund enough for giving me the chance of having a baby with my own eggs.

After 3 unsuccessful IVF cycles, a baby at last!

Thank you all so much for the mild and less intensive approach which my body seemed to appreciate. You were all compassionate and informative throughout the process which made

20 weeks pregnant at 46 years old

I do believe God guided me to be treated there by very nice doctors and staff. I am 46 years old, 20 weeks pregnant and everything is normal.

A beautiful baby girl with my own eggs

With CREATE I felt that my treatment was tailored to what would be best for me and felt hopeful of success. This was after a previous unsuccessful course of IVF at another clinic.

Don’t leave it too late to invest in your reproductive future

The advent of the pill in the 1960's is regarded as a seminal moment in the history of female emancipation. But although women are able to decide not to get pregnant, when they want to get pregnant is not yet always under their control. Egg freezing may be the answer to this says Professor Nargund.

Professor Geeta Nargund wins RBS Chairman’s Award

Professor Nargund, a pioneer in Natural/Mild IVF and active campaigner for female fertility rights, has been awarded the Chairman’s award for most outstanding candidate at the AWA Awards.

Women are one step closer to having it all

Women unquestionably have the right to both an outstanding career and a fulfilled home life, but the reality isn’t so simple. The tensions between career and motherhood cannot be dismissed. We discuss.

Professor Nargund shortlisted for 2014 First Women Award

It is our great pleasure to announce that Professor Nargund has been shortlisted for the Science and Technology category at the 2014 First Women Awards in association with Lloyds Banking.

Watch what you eat when you are pregnant

There is increasing evidence that conditions in the womb can have long-lasting effects on the child’s health.

IVF treatment for single women doubles

The Daily Mail also covered the story about the increase in IVF treatment for single women. Professor Nargund’s comments to the Sunday Times are included.

Safer options for single women wanting a baby by IVF

If you are a single woman looking to have a baby using IVF you are likely to be fertile so it is unnecessary to have treatments which use a lot of drugs.

Testing donors for genetic disorders

A service that creates digital embryos by virtually mixing two people’s DNA will allow parents to screen out genetic disorders – and perhaps much more. Professor Nargund gives her expert advice.

Giving up on Mr Right?

Singletons give up on Mr Right and opt for IVF by Nicky Harley – The Sunday Times – Published: 6 April 2014 Professor Nargund shares her experiences of the single women who have come to CREATE Fertility.

Professor Nargund shortlisted for 15th Asian Women of Achievement Awards (AWA)

Professor Nargund is one of over 50 women working in the arts, business, medical, media, humanities, finance, sports and public sectors have been shortlisted for the 15th Asian Women of the Year Awards.

Single women and parenthood

Sky News join the debate about single women and parenthood. Professor Nargund explains how they are helped in our clinic.

How much does it cost to have a baby with IVF?

Create Fertility's favoured approach of 'natural' and 'mild IVF' comes out positively in this analysis.

Equality for women must encompass fertility issues

Professor Nargund’s latest Huffington Post blog discusses the issue of fertility in relation to gender equality. For society to thrive, women must thrive, and this means being able to make choices about their own bodies, particularly with regards to fertility.

Low cost IVF is here

First British women to have £1,000 ‘no-frills’ IVF: Budget procedure inspired by Alka-Seltzer to be available within weeks. Despite its low-tech approach, a pilot study showed the treatment to be as effective as the conventional equivalent.

How can we reduce health risks for babies born through IVF treatment? Time to act

Couples who find they have fertility problems should consider the health of mother and baby before starting treatment.

Professor Nargund wins award

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Nargund is a winner of Red Magazine’s Women’s award for 2013 as “The Woman of the year for services to Charities and Community”.

Successful IVF for Bristol couple

After four failed attempts at IVF at a cost of more than £50,000 this Bristol couple became pregnant using Natural IVF.