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Grandparents funding IVF as desperate couples borrow thousands to fund dreams of parenthood (Daily Mail 5 August 2009) more

IVF doesn’t always deliver (Daily Telegraph 27 May 2009) more

Hundreds of British women having ‘risky’ IVF treatment abroad (Daily Mail June 30 2009) more

Have faith in nature before trying IVF, couples told (Daily Mail February 25 2009) more

Safer fertility method offers comparable results to IVF, clinic claims (November 10 2008 Times Online – UK) more

‘Mild’ form of IVF just as effective, researchers claim (November 10 2008 – UK) more

The new fertility treatment that can double a woman’s chances of … (12 November 2008 Daily Mail – UK) more

New Guidelines For Elective Single Embryo Transfer In IVF Treatment more

The IVF minefield: Desperate couples are resorting to poorly-tested techniques, say experts Couples struggling to have a baby are being put at risk by poorly tested fertility treatments, IVF experts have warned. more

IVF 30 Years On more

‘Mild IVF’ technique is better than intensive fertility injections, claim doctors 10 April 2008 more

Milder form of IVF could make big savings for health service 11 April 2008 more

A new form of cheaper, more natural IVF that could beat infertility and make you a mum 22 April 2008 more

Want to start a family? Forget the fertility kits and have a romantic dinner instead 11 April 2008 more

Cheaper and safer ‘Soft’ IVF 23 April 2008 more

UK fertility safety for women is ‘among the worst in Europe’ 6 April 2008 more

Professor Stuart Campbell: Is it time to rethink the abortion law? 01/05/2008 more

New abortion debate 40 years on May 06 2008 more

How could anyone look at this photo and deny it’s time to cut the abortion limit? 5th May 2008 more

IVF is expensive and harrowing, and carries significant health risks. That is why some fertility experts are turning to an alternative method called ‘mild IVF’. The Guardian 4 July 2007 more

Women using IVF may damage their son’s chances of having children February 10 2007 more

Boys born through IVF are 50% more likely to suffer infertility February 09 2007 more

Fertility research drugs put egg donors at risk February 17 2007 more

Low drug IVF reduces health risks January 21 2007 more

IVF overload January 9 2007 more

Westminster Hall debate: Infertility treatment January 31 2007 more

IVF: Why leading fertility expert thinks women are being put at risk October 8 2006 more

Surge in number of children in UK born to mothers over 50 May 8 2006 more

IVF without the drugs October 3 2006 more

IVF harm pregnancy chance by damaging eggs December 3 2006 more

Warning over ‘dangerous and unnecessary’ IVF doses October 8 2006 more

Mum’s fertility clock test 13 October 2005 more

IVF Miracle or Nightmare March 31 2006 more

IVF the natural way February 24 2004 (Telegraph) more

Health secrets for 2004 December 30 2003 more

Do women need periods? August 28 2001 more

Backing for “cut-price” IVF January 31 2001 more

What your skin is telling you June 28 2001 more

New hope for IVF couples December 5 2000 more

NHS should provide three free cycles of IVF treatment for suitable patients in England and Wales. more

Lower Fertility Drug Doses Just as Effective for IVF more

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