One-Stop Fertility Scan with Doppler – Helped achieve a natural conception after blood flow to womb was checked and treated


Georgina 32, had been trying unsuccessfully for a baby for nearly four years when she came to us with a view to having IVF treatment. She came for a one-stop fertility test first. She had good egg reserve and her womb lining was good, the only reason for the abnormal finding was that the blood flow to her womb was very low as measured by Doppler scanning. She was given dietary advice and a course of soluble aspirin tablets to improve her blood circulation to the womb. A week later she was scanned again and uterine blood flow had improved enough for her to be advised to try to conceive naturally for a further six months. She did and is now 12 weeks pregnant with twins! Georgina and her husband are delighted that they conceived naturally after the diagnosis and treatment of low blood flow to womb. Thanks to the detailed “One-Stop” Fertility scan. It saved them a lot of trauma and money!

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