Decide on the Day


With the recent concerns in the news about the safety of ICSI we thought we should give a brief explanation of our Decide on the Day policy.

Decide on the day means, if the sperm is good on the day of egg collection, we can do IVF and avoid unnecessary ICSI. We have a commitment to avoid unnecessary interventions in fertility care.

  • We promote natural conception where possible.
  • We help optimise health and life-style where possible in order to avoid unnecessary IVF treatments.
  • Where IVF is necessary, we avoid drugs when women are ovulating by using their naturally selected egg in “Natural cycle IVF”.
  • Where drugs are necessary we use minimum amount of drugs for a short time in women’s own cycles and offer “Mild IVF”.
  • We do not offer any unnecessary techniques, drugs or procedures.

Our commitment to patients is clear: Do no harm.

Our medical director Professor Geeta Nargund is personally campaigning for safety, quality and accessibility in IVF.

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