IVF Support Service

Support underpins everything we do at CREATE and is an integral part of our fertility and assisted conception services.

We understand that going through fertility treatment can be a very stressful experience and we are here to help you cope with those feelings. CREATE Fertility offers a complete range of support services available before, during and after treatment including:

  • Counselling services
  • Peer-to-peer support services
  • Ethics Committee

Counselling Services

Undergoing fertility treatment can be an emotional experience and some patients feel that they can be benefited by the specialist support of a trained counsellor. CREATE Fertility’s supportive counseling services are voluntary and do not imply that you cannot cope, but many find that it offers them the time and space to explore their feelings and make informed decisions. All that is discussed during counselling is strictly confidential. We provide three types of counselling:

Support Counselling

Offers emotional support at all stages of treatment.

Implications Counselling

Allows you to discuss the emotional implications of treatment for yourselves and your existing family relationships. An objective counsellor will offer you accurate factual advice to ensure you make the appropriate decisions.

Therapeutic Counselling

Assists patients in coming to terms with any distress and creating coping strategies, especially if expectations are unrealistic or if treatments fail. An independent counsellor who is not involved in treatments is available at our centre.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Our patients can access reassuring advice and support from experts and others in the same position using several, regularly updated online services including:

We consider that patient to patient support is extremely valuable throughout the treatment journey and a patient support book is available in the West Wimbledon Clinic waiting area for patients to add their contact details for other patients to contact them, should they wish.

Lee Cowden Patient Support Coordinator

Lee has two children aged 1 and 3, the first of which is thanks to Create Health. She discovered that she would need medical intervention to start a family at the age of fifteen when diagnosed with PCOS. On her first foray into fertility treatment she suffered a heart attack and had an operation to repair a hole in her heart. Thanks to Create's pioneering work into mild stimulation IVF, she was able to resume fertility treatment and was successful in having her first baby. From the age of fifteen to the present day she has read, listened and researched into many different areas surrounding infertility and related treatments. With her personal experience she offers other Create clients support and advice. Please contact us to find out more about our Fertility Support Services