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The first step to starting IVF treatment is to come for an Initial Consultation with one of our experienced IVF consultants.

To celebrate the launch of our New Bristol Clinic we are offering these consultations for 50% OFF so only £190*usually £385.

This is for a limited time only so please call to check availability. 

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What happens at an Initial Consultation?

Initial appointment

One of our experienced IVF consultants will do some basic health checks and discuss your medical history with you.

The doctor will then perform an advanced ultrasound scan looking at:

Your egg reserve - looking at the antral follicle count

The health of your uterus, endometrium (womb lining), ovaries and follicles - by examining the blood flow to each

The quality of your eggs - blood flow to the ovaries and follicles gives indirect information about the quality of eggs

Any polyps, fibroids - or other factors that could be affecting implantation or causing miscarriages


They will explain your scan results, answer any questions you might have and will take you through your tailored treatment plan.

Next steps

You can then spend some time with your patient coordinator to discuss the costs of your treatment, when to start and counselling will be offered.

Why choose CREATE?

  • World class IVF treatment in the heart of Bristol
  • Specialists in Natural & Mild IVF treatment
  • Shorter treatment duration
  • Excellent success rates
  • Consultant led care
  • No waiting lists

Meet our Bristol fertility specialists

Our Bristol clinic has some of the UKs most experienced experts in Natural and Mild IVF. All team members have been trained in CREATE’s approach and continuously deliver excellent results for our South West patients.

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